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We develop evidence-based care to support the independence and coexistence of care recipients and make the care more accessible by using technology.

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Our Services & Products

  1. Support for preventive care and prevention of aggravation

    Example: Remote coaching/Coaching AI
    The technology originally developed for the Humanitude training can be used for intuitive video training in various fields other than care, such as sports and news broadcasting. We also collect filmed videos to develop/provide instructions by AI (AI that has learned study points and what not to do), in order to improve the efficiency and quality of on-site training.

    Analysis of walking videos for functional measurement/evaluation and fall prediction
    We use our AI video analysis technology and knowledge of our nurse/caregiver employees and external specialists to analyze videos of walking, which is one of the key factors in the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), and provide support for measuring and evaluating basic walking-related parameters. We also calculate risks of fall based on the analysis, with the aim of preventing predictable falls.

    ー Features

    1. Highly satisfactory learning method
      Learners can see instructions directly in their care videos, so they can reflect on their actions and gain high benefits of learning and satisfaction.
    2. Detailed instructions by AI and humans
      By adding detailed human instructions to the basic instructions by AI, learners can gain a better understanding and improve the quality of their care.
    3. Usable as training material
      Care videos and instruction videos can be shared and used as in-house training material, improving the care quality in the whole organization.
    Learn more about remote coaching
  2. Improvement support for current operations

    Example: Introduction/training of dementia care technique “Humanitude”
    As the only Japanese company certified by SAS Humanitude, the French organization that developed the communication care technique “Humanitude,” we provide collective/individual training in facilities around Japan and manage a training website. We work on improving the care quality and reducing the burden of caregivers as well as their turnover rate.

    ー Features

    1. Improvement in both caregivers and care recipients
      The effects of improvement in both caregivers and care recipients were demonstrated in the experiment. It not only improves the health of the care recipients but also reduces the psychological burden of the caregivers.
    2. Training by the only officially recognized company in Japan
      We are the only company in Japan that possesses the official business license of Humanitude. All training sessions are conducted by instructors certified by SAS Humanitude in France.
    3. Training plan tailored to your needs
      We offer several training plans depending on the job/level of the training participants (for experts, family caregivers , etc.), allowing them to learn from the basics and gain a strong understanding.
      *We can also make a training plan covered by the Human Resources Development Support Subsidy of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. 【参考:厚生労働省「人材開発支援助成金」
    Learn more about Humanitude
  3. Care Innovation Consulting

    Example: Formulation of care business strategies using technology
    With our capacity to design and develop emerging technology such as AI, the care site knowledge of our Humanitude instructors and nurses/caregivers, and the strategy formulation capacity of our employees with experience in consulting, we help in formulating entry strategies for new care business and improving the existing business, in order to introduce/establish burden-free technology in care sites.

  4. AI solutions for reducing social security expenditure of the state, local governments, and public institutions

    Example: Support for local governments for predicting level of care needed (free)
    We help local governments formulate effective care policies and develop an evaluation basis for evidence-based care by developing an AI-based individual care needed level prediction model, analyzing causes of disease aggravation, and extracting features for each care needed level. This service can also be covered by the Insurer Function Enhancement Subsidy of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. 【参考:厚生労働省「保険者機能強化推進交付金」】​

    ー Features

    1. Prediction of individual health by AI based on individual data
      A more accurate prediction is possible by shifting from the traditional approach (population x past incidence rate) to individual prediction.
    2. Reduction in burden/cost of the insurer’s statistical analysis operation
      Our AI technology can help local governments to be more accurate and efficient in formulating care plans and generating estimated data, which has so far been corrected every time the plan and actual results differ.
    3. Intervention for the locomotive syndrome
      By linking the care needed level prediction to the motor dysfunction, we work on visualizing the relations between the locomotive syndrome and the care needed level.

Key Initiatives

    • Fukuoka City

    Participation in the Dementia-Friendly City Project

    We provide training on Humanitude, the French dementia care technique, to citizens and facilities in Fukuoka and work on creating a dementia-friendly city together.

    Improvement of care service quality for the elderly with dementia

    We introduce Humanitude and Coaching AI to SOMPO Care Group facilities and cooperate with the Future Care Lab in Japan to improve the care quality using digital technology.

    Demonstration project at the Kanagawa Prefecture ME-BYO Living Lab

    In cooperation with the Kanagawa Prefecture ME-BYO Living Lab, we develop an individual care needed level prediction model and help local governments establish the PDCA cycle from planning of care welfare policies to implementation and effect validation.

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