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We create cutting-edge innovation by identifying and solving industrial/social issues in various industries

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AI Project (full support from AI planning, design, and development to operation)

We work with partner companies in various industries to ensure open innovation using AI technology. We carry out joint projects with our clients from the planning, research, and proof of concept (PoC), to the productization stages, which enables AI use in a wide range of industries, jobs, and themes.

- Initiative

  • Conversion of expert know-how to AI (pass down tacit knowledge as explicit knowledge)

  • Anomaly detection and quality control in the manufacturing process

  • Optimization of work shifts/schedules

  • Better safety and productivity in production sites

  • Demand/price prediction for manufacturers, retails and restaurants

  • Development of weather data x AI analysis solution

- Features

  1. Experience of AI use in a wide range of industries, value chains, and data formats (hundreds of projects per year)
    • Experience of numerous projects in various industries (consumer goods, food, retail, restaurant, medical equipment, automobile, manufacturing, robotics, construction, HR, finance, insurance, real estate, trade, EC, etc.)
    • Experience in solving issues across the value chain (R&D, production, marketing, back-office department, etc.)
    • Experience in developing AI using moving images, sensor data, voice/text data, structural data, multimodal data, etc.
  2. Total support for AI use (from identification of issues to product development)
    • Total support for the whole flow, from identification and definition of issues by staff who have the experience of working as strategy consultants in multinationals, to development and implementation by AI engineers
    • Delivery of products based on the premise of on-site use
    • Partnership with Job-Hub for preprocessing operations (data cleansing, etc.)
  3. Experience in integrating and implementing the latest machine learning and deep learning technologies
    • Technical advisory contracts with leading AI researchers to update the latest technology
    • Partnerships with university research institutes in India and other countries for R&D of the latest technology
    • Extensive availability and flexibility based on experience in dealing with various data for deep learning parameter tuning
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Key Initiatives

    Joint development of a weather solution service

    We analyze various weather-related data from the Japan Weather Association using AI and develop an AI weather data platform including demand forecast.

    Development of an automatic shift schedule creation service

    We jointly develop an automatic shift schedule creation service using AI and behavioral psychology—the first of its kind in Japan. By combining store management know-how and the AI’s recommendation function, we contribute to improving the productivity of the restaurant and retail industries.

Support Wizards

  • Tetsuya Ogata

    Professor, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, Waseda University

  • Hideki Nakayama

    Associate Professor , Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

  • Shinichi Asakawa

    Research Associate , Center for Information Science, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University

  • Hisashi Kashima

    Professor, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University

  • Yasushi Yagi

    Trustee and Executive Vice President, Osaka University

  • Satoshi Nagashima

    Senior Partner, Managing Partner Japan Roland Berger Ltd.

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