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We aim to develop value-based healthcare for every individual and create a world in which everyone can live the best possible life they can.

World We Aim For

Our Products & Services

Improvement of mid-/long-term treatment outcomes

We work on the early detection of individual disease risks and prevention of aggravation using ICT/AI.

  1. Health and disease risk assessment by human behavior/posture analysis

    We provide individual health and disease risk assessment service by combining human behavior analysis using our original deep learning engine, extracted bone structure (body parts) information, and expert knowledge.
  2. Mental health support service (in development)

  3. Development of multimodal AI

    We develop AI by combining various datasets such as image data, structured data, and sensor data (multimodal).

ー Features

  1. Knowledge related to data acquisition/processing and expertise integration
    We can implement the latest deep learning technology thanks to our extensive knowledge of data preprocessing, expertise, and experience in AI integration, which serves as a key for on-site AI use.
  2. Open to collaborations for business/service development
    To respond to the shift from the “tangible” to the “intangible” in pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers, we collaborate and provide support for the service development to help healthcare professionals and patients. We also provide/link our original apps and services.
  3. Support for environment configuration/set-up for on-site implementation
    In addition to developing highly accurate AI, we provide support for hardware configuration (camera, etc.) considering the conditions of the on-site environment.
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R&D innovation

By applying deep learning technology, we provide support for R&D of pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers to create and improve treatment that responds to unmet medical needs.

  1. Drug development AI

    Together with AI engineers who have extensive knowledge and experience in drug development, we provide support for drug development using AI.
    In addition to joint research projects, we develop and provide AI-equipped software and applications with the aim of providing full support for on-site use of drug development AI, while considering the usable data amount/quality, target class, existing tools, system structure, operation process, etc.
  2. Analysis and classification of cell images

    We use deep learning to analyze and classify cell images. We support to realize high-accuracy data by using our original preprocessing know-how and collaborating with on-site researchers in data management.

ー Features

  1. Implementation of the latest technology
    We implement drug development AI based on the features of various technologies in drug development research, including the latest methods such as deep learning.
  2. Support for exploratory analysis and know-how development for on-site use
    We provide support for exploratory analysis and know-how development for on-site use.
  3. Total support from research to penetration in the organization
    We provide a one-stop support service for all steps, from research, data preprocessing, and model implementation to provision of apps/tools and training of AI personnel for penetration in the organization.

Empowerment of experts

We work on maximizing the values provided by medical practitioners to patients and their families.

  • ― Development of heart stenosis diagnosis support system

    We use deep learning to improve the accuracy of MRI/CT scan diagnosis and shorten the diagnosis time

  • ― Research on test value simulation for cancer patients

    We predict how the test value changes chronologically depending on the kind/amount/timing of medication.

  1. Doctor diagnosis support by medical image analysis

    We extract organ/disease areas in medical images (MRI/CT, etc.) to help doctors make more accurate diagnosis.
  2. Chronological test value prediction by medication data analysis

    We predict how the test value changes depending on the kind/amount of drug and the timing of medication to help in developing medication evidence and decision-making.
  3. Diagnosis support app and PHR

    We develop the app that record, visualize and analyze the lifestyle behaviors of patients, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of diagnosis by doctors and strengthen their relationship with patients.

Key Initiatives

    Support for AI use in drug development research

    We develop applications for on-site AI use by combining various module functions such as multimodal/multitask prediction of interactions between compounds and proteins, visualization of compound structure factors to help the design of compounds, and automatic proposal/creation of new compounds.

    • Industrial Partners

    Support for health and disease risk assessment, diagnosis, and prognosis

    We work on introducing machine learning and deep learning in a realistic medical setting and in daily care, and in spreading their use in society.
    We provide health and disease risk assessment service by analyzing lifestyle data (behavior, posture, daily activities, etc.) and help decision-making of experts by analyzing cell/medical images.

Support Wizards

  • Yasushi Yagi

    Trustee and Executive Vice President, Osaka University

  • Yasushi Okuno

    Professor, Department of Biomedical Data Intelligence, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University

  • Tomohisa Nagata

    Lecturer, Department of Occupational Health Practice and Management, Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences, University of Occupational and Environmental Health

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