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By using AI to control robots, we help reduce the technological succession and programming workloads of on-site workers, with the aim of freeing them from routine/dangerous tasks and improving productivity.

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Multimodal AI system

By combining multiple sensors, this system can learn human behaviors intuitively and perform various operations that have been considered difficult for a robot.

  • Flow control decision by AI
  • Weighing of unshaped materials (liquid)

- Features

  1. Easy-to-use behavior-teaching interface
    Human-robot operation can be taught to robots directly, without having to write complicated programs.
  2. Versatile learning system
    AI can automatically adjust parameters, even for complex behaviors that use multiple sensors. This reduces the workload of AI program development and enables quick development of robot systems.
  3. System design suited to the site
    We also design robot behaviors for steps before/after the automated operations to be smoothly introduced on site.
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Open innovation using AI technology

To respond to the shortage of robot engineers, the complication of programs, and the sophistication of the robot installation work, we carry out robot innovation projects tailored to each company’s challenges and provide training and consulting services, with the aim of increasing the use of robots in society.

ー Features

  1. Suited to a wide range of industries
    Our AI solutions are not limited to a specific industry/field, they are tailored to the challenges of various industries/fields.
  2. Bringing the latest technology to business
    We have advisory contracts with leading AI experts in each field, as well as partnerships with university research institutes, which allow us to apply the latest technology.
  3. Total support from research to implementation
    We provide services that can be used in manufacturing sites, with total support from consulting, research and data preprocessing to implementation.

Key Initiatives

    Development of multimodal AI robot

    We use deep learning and VR technology to develop and introduce multimodal AI robots that do not require programming in manufacturing sites.

    Weighing of liquid by autonomous robot movements

    We developed a robot arm by combining the remote haptic transmission system and multimodal AI to weigh a specific amount of liquid. We are working on introducing it in production sites.

Support Wizards

  • Tetsuya Ogata

    Professor, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, Waseda University

  • Satoshi Nagashima

    Senior Partner, Managing Partner Japan Roland Berger Ltd.

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