We create safe, strong cities and provide solutions for social issues such as disasters and traffic jams.

World We Aim For

Our Services & Products

Smart traffic solutions

We develop and introduce automatic people/object detection systems to enable smart traffic movement and help in the creation of a 3DMap.

  • ― Detection of number plates and vehicle types

    Number plates with different kinds of letters and shapes and vehicle types can be detected simultaneously.

  • ― Detection of violations

    Multiple traffic violations selected in advance (not wearing a helmet, ignoring a red light, wrong-way driving, etc.) can be detected.

Facial recognition/person identification/flow-line analysis

Our technology can also be used for person identification to improve security and manage attendance in offices, as well as for flow-line analysis to improve the in-store flow line and to manage key clients.

Key Initiatives

    Detection of violations and suspicious activities of people

    We jointly develop AI-equipped hardware and software that can detect number plates and suspicious activities of people in the state of Andhra Pradesh , India.

  • Person identification in office buildings

    We jointly develop and provide AI cameras featuring algorithms that can identify and track a person in office buildings and commercial facilities where people movement is frequent.

Support Wizards

  • Abdul Rahman Abdul Ghani, PhD (Employee)

    Researcher of image processing AI technology in Matsuo Lab, the University of Tokyo

  • Daisuke Tamaki (Employee)

    Founded R&D Center in India, developed smart traffic solution using image processing technology

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