Looking for “wizards” who want to change society

We seek people who can think and act according to their own will,
people who can work in a team with a professional mind,
people who can work with a passion and commit themselves to producing results.

EXAWIZARDS provides an environment where you can actively take on challenges with outstanding colleagues to improve society. Use your creativity and driving force to create a better world with us!



  • Doctoral Program Support

    Employees can receive support to carry out research in areas related to our company’s mission (i.e “creating a happy society by solving social issues with AI”) and spend one day every week going to university to work as a doctoral student. We will sponsor all fees up until the employee graduates (to a maximum of 2 million yen).

  • Flexible Work-style

    We have a discretionary working system in place for all our employees, which allows each employee to work freely and independently at their own discretion with responsibility.

  • Global Environment

    Around 10% of all our employees (including 25% of all our engineers) in EXAWIZARDS come from abroad. Thus, our company offers a motivating environment where you can work with talented professionals from China, Mongolia, India, Iran, the UK, France, etc.

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