Remote Coaching

This app service allows users to acquire expert techniques through videos.
Highly effective online training is possible by recording direct and detailed instructions in trainee videos.

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How Remote Coaching works

Trainee/instruction videos can be used by both learners for review and the organization for in-house training. The videos recorded with this product can also be used to extract features and develop Coaching AI.

- Examples of use

Remote Coaching can be used for training in various industries and jobs other than nursing care.

  • Sales

    Real estate agencies, banks, and mobile phone shops

  • Customer service and retail

    Apparel shops and car dealers

  • Airlines

    Cabin attendant training

  • TV stations

    News broadcasting training

  • Door-to-door sales


  • Manufacturing

    Quality control

  • Sports

    Individual practice and teamwork

  • Magazines

    Creation of digital contents

  • Industries

    Hairdressing and beauty treatment

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Coaching AI (in development)

The AI analyzes instruction videos and automatically carries out basic instruction, allowing humans to spend more time on high-level instruction. Effective human–AI collaboration can make instruction more sophisticated.

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