This cloud HR support service uses AI to the fullest. By using various HR data, it makes HR operations more efficient and sophisticated and improves each worker’s productivity.

HR-kun Services

  1. HR-kun Analytics “Freedom from labor” Aims for more efficient and sophisticated HR operations

    • This service covers data use and people analytics at one place for various HR operations such as recruitment prediction, creation of appointment plans, and prediction of job leaves and resignations. It is easy to use and can be used by any HR staff member, even if there is no data scientist in the HR department.

    - How HR-kun Analytics works

    - How HR-kun Analytics is used

    • Creation of appointment plans
      <In case of a major manufacturing company>

      AI automatically creates appointment plans based on the employee and appointment data and predicts performance after the appointment. This makes the operation more efficient and allows appointment of the right people to the right jobs.

    Effect: Better productivity of the whole company and less HR work related to the creation of appointment plans
    Used data: Skills, job performance, personal evaluation, affiliation data, data at the time of recruitment, other assessment data, etc.

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  2. HR-kun Personal Assistant “Happiness through work” Aims for the workers’ good health, growth, and satisfaction

    • The Personal AI is appointed to each employee to provide full support for maintaining their daily health and work efficiency and ensure better engagement.
      The AI shows detailed, personalized tips to improve each element, which leads to better productivity.
      The HR department can also check the employees’ real-time condition and consider effective HR measures.

    - How HR-kun Personal Assistant works

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