HR Tech (HR-kun)

AI-enabled HR support services for HR professionals

We aim to improve the efficiency of HR department’s job
at all stages from recruitment to retirement.
Regardless of the industry you’re operating in, we can deliver a significant value
to streamlining and sophisticating your HR work flows.

Analysis & Prediction by HR-Kun

Analysis & Prediction by HR-Kun

Four features

  1. 1 Analysis & Prediction Never Stops
    • Easy to find appropriate talents by recruiting analysis during hiring process, moreover the next steps on job evaluation through data analysis and prediction will continue follow up.
  2. 2 Simple to Use
    • Complex analysis and predication done by a few simple operation.
    • No need to learn to be a professional data scientist.
  3. 3 Connect to HR metrics
    • ROI assured by providing the possibilities of employment and risk of potential demission.
  4. 4 Provide Useful Analysis Templates
    • Excellent guidance for personnel department when faced up with ambiguous problems.

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