AI Innovation

We aim to realize open innovation with AI by cooperating with partners from various industries.

Our Advantages

  1. 1Provision of AI solutions to all companies in all industries without any limitations

  2. 2Collaboration with leading experts from different AI fields in Japan and university research institutes in India. Applying state-of-the-art technology to solving real business problems

  3. 3Full support ranging from consulting to research, data processing and implementation

Development Process

We work closely with our clients from planning to development to achieve both speed and human resource development.

Development Process


  • Manufacturing
    Object detection and captioning system
    Automatic recognition of vehicles and pedestrians from images
    Displays caption on detected objects
  • Manufacturing
    Abnormality (rust/scratch) detection
    Detects wear and tear of equipment automatically from factory images
  • Robotic
    Multimodal AI robot
    Executes multitasks based on the training data with a single machine and same learning program
  • Healthcare
    Coronary Artery Diagnosis Assistance System
    Reduces the time required for doctors to diagnose MRI/CT images with higher accuracy
  • Healthcare
    Simulation on Cancer Patients’ Examination Score
    Predicts how cancer patients’ test results change over time
  • Pharmaceutical
    Prediction of active compound
    Predicts compound activity by AI to support new drug development
  • Smart City
    Urban transportation
    Proposed an automatic detection system that recognizes people and things, which enable realization of 3D maps for smart transportation
  • Other
    Matchmaker system that matches employers with employees
    Recommends a company based on the candidate’s skill, personality, etc.
  • Other
    Shift scheduling assistance system
    Supports new store managers based on data from high-performing store managers
  • Other
    Analysis of player movement and trajectory in sports games
    Detects athletes and their trajectory for player and game analysis in sports like basketball

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