Let’s start the work
to make the world
a happier place

Director & Chairman
Makoto Haruta

It is a blessing to live in society wherein we can reflect on what we are working for – not just for survival – which is not possible without safety of life. The world continues to experience conflicts, poverty, diseases, and natural disasters, and Japan is also facing many problems. Super-aging society, shortage of workers… We know there is a mountain of problems. We know why these problems are problems.

When we were small, we were taught to do what we had to on our own, such as cleaning up after ourselves, studying, and other daily things. Does this teaching still apply? Yes. What makes the difference is whether we think we have to do these things or not.

It is difficult to solve problems; the harder the problems are, the more difficult it is to solve them. We also face problems that we cannot solve for various reasons due to our lack of experience, capacity, or wisdom. But, is it not cool to tackle difficult problems head on? Some say it is good for strong people but audacious for weak people. But, someone standing up to a strong opponent is simply cool.

Exawizards exists to solve difficult social issues with new technology (AI).

Some people may think the work of Exawizards is audacious. But, all champions make efforts to reach the top. Not everyone can be a champion, but we can become champions as a company and as a group of cool wizards.

  • 春田 真

  • New technology is created one after another. Some are gifted with the talent to create such technology. Some are gifted with the talent to spread such technology. We all have talent. Let’s discover our talent. And let’s face the problems around us. Let’s be aware that we must solve these problems ourselves.

    Let’s do it. Let’s start the work to make the world a happier place for our children.

    Let’s start.