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Representative Director & President
Ko Ishiyama

Today, AI startups are going through the third evolution.

The first evolution was the “technological innovation” using deep learning. The second evolution was the “industrial innovation” using technology and creating innovation. The third evolution is the macro “social innovation,” which goes beyond the micro industrial innovation. It is now time to solve social issues with AI. For example, from the Meiji Restoration in 1868 to the 1970s, the Japanese population consisted of people over the age of 50 accounting for 20% of the total and people under the age of 50 accounting for 80%. However, in 2045 when the singularity is said to arrive, people over the age of 50 will account for 60% and people under the age of 50 will account for 40%, creating a super-aging society.

In such age, how should we use AI?

Exawizards works in a wide range of areas: (1) joint research with today’s top deep learning researchers, while continuing with the AI research of the late Dr. Marvin Minsky, who is known as the father of AI and was our advisor; (2) open innovation related to the super-ageing society with leading companies in each industry, such as medical care, nursing care, robotics, manufacturing, HR, finance, and smart city; and (3) demonstration experiment with the state and local governments to create new social systems. We have a partnership with Roland Berger, a global consulting firm based in Germany, whose Japanese CEO, Mr. Nagashima, is our advisor, and we receive funding from IDEO, an American design consulting firm. We also collaborate with Humanitude, a French dementia care method, and cooperate with the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. “Wizards” from around the world are bringing their wisdom together to solve issues.

  • 石山 洸

  • The issues of the super-aging society that Japan faces today will be faced throughout the world in the near future. One of the missions of Exawizards is to globally develop the R&D conducted in Japan, a country already facing these problems. Also, at Exawizards, we enjoy working with employees with diverse backgrounds, from AI researchers and engineers who are also university professors, to outstanding professionals in their late 20s with experience of working in foreign-owned consulting firms or starting a company, as well as a former owner of a professional baseball team (laughs).

    Whether you are an engineering wizard or nursing care wizard, let’s work together to create a better future for the world.