The place
where wizards from around the world
solve social issues with AI

Representative Director & President
Ko Ishiyama
  • Four years have passed since the establishment of exaWizards, and as its name suggests, more than 350 wizards in various fields from all over the world have gathered here.

    The AI platform “exaBase” has been implemented by over 500 companies, including more than half of the top 100 companies in Japan by market capitalization. Filed over 120 patents in various areas of multimodal AI including robotics and edge cameras. We also established a JV with a strategic consultant and developed services with a design team formed with the help of D4V (an independent VC partnering with IDEO). Started providing MLOps through the grouping of Xware Corporation. CareWiz, an AI product that realizes scientific nursing care in a super-aging society, was also born.

    However, in order to solve social issues in the true meaning, we need the cooperation of another digit, thousands of wizards. The real challenge is yet to come.

    Gather around, Wizards to change society!

  • Ko Ishiyama