Japan's largest platforms for creating results through AI/DXJapan's largest platforms for creating results through AI/DX
We provide solutions to over 500 companies, including more than half of Japan’s top 100 companies by market capitalization.
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AI/DX to help companies achieve their business goals
One-stop access to a wide range of technology assets
In-house digital talent and organization, and even JV formation are possible.

Result Delivery

AI/DX to help your company achieve business goals

exaBase can greatly contribute to the achievement of a company's mid- to long-term business plan.
ExaWizards' AI technology, designed to be used in the field, can be used to upgrade operations and develop new services.
We also provide AI/DX strategic consulting services such as theme selection to achieve higher ROI.
In fact, positive results have been achieved in many leading companies.

concrete example

    Developing AI applications to be used in the drug discovery process and supporting the training of internal experts


    AI/informatics is being used in small molecule drug discovery projects, significantly reducing the man-hours required for data analysis.

  • SoftBank Corp.

    Introduced an AI algorithm to analyze video interview data in the new graduate hiring selection process to achieve a more objective and consistent evaluation.


    About 85% reduction in time spent on the selection process for video interviews


    Introduced "exaBase FAQ", an AI application to improve customer service on the temp job search site "Jobcheck".


    Reduce the time spent on responding to customers via the website and improve customer satisfaction



One-stop access to a wide range of technology assets

exaBase includes a wide range of services related to AI/DX, from ready-to-use SaaS AI applications to AI algorithms and APIs, MLOps, and more.
By combining and utilizing the necessary services according to your needs, you can create results in the shortest time possible.
Through more than 250 projects per year, ExaWizards has accumulated tens of thousands of combinations of technology assets to create creative solutions through "new combinations" of technologies to meet the challenges of our clients.

  • "Want to use AI services quickly first" → Use exaBase application
  • "Want to connect AI algorithms to our internal systems and operate them" → Use exaBase algorithms, APIs, and MLOps
  • "Want to create a new service using AI" → Use exaBase algorithm and interface

Joint Venture

In-house digital talent and organization, and even JV formation are possible.

exaBase aims to help companies bring AI/DX in-house over the medium to long term. We provide a unique one-stop service to support the development of DX talents and organizations, from recruiting digital talent to finding, training, and retaining them within the company.
By forming a JV with ExaWizards, You can also strongly promote new business development using AI and internal DX.

  • Team Building

    We fully support the talent development for the penetration of Aflac's data-driven culture.

  • JV

    We are promoting an AI business in the nursing care field in a JV with Yamashita, a major nursing care products company.


AI applications ready to use today

We provide a SaaS-type application that can be used easily without code and knowledge of AI.

  • An AI tool that can analyze and predict the characteristics of data with simple operations. It promotes the use of data in the field, such as order prediction for sales and active human resource prediction for human resources.

  • An FAQ engine that provides high accuracy using the advanced technology of natural language processing. You can build internal knowledge FAQs and user chatbots simply and easily.

  • AI search engine specializing in company informationYou can comprehensively list candidate companies for M&A, purchasing, sales, etc. using free keywords.

  • An edge-type AI camera with a built-in image recognition algorithm.
    It can be used to visualize congestion in facilities, analyze visitors in stores, etc. without the burden of a network and with less security risk.

Example of joint development of an application using exaBase's technology assets

The Bank of Fukuoka and ExaWizards Joint Development Application

Smartphone application that uses AI to analyze account transaction information, detect abnormalities, and share information with family members


exaBase Design System Icons

An icon library based on exaBase design policy, released under MIT License

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AI Algorithm

AI algorithms that cover a wide range of domains from structured data to video

Through more than 300 projects per year, we have a wealth of AI algorithms that can be applied to solve problems in various industries.

  • Forecast and Analysis

    • Market price forecast
    • Pharmaceutical / chemical forecast
    • Active workforce / retirement forecast
    • Credit screening
    • Dam inflow forecast
    ... and more
  • Optimization

    • Shelf space optimization
    • Operation schedule optimization
    • Material cutting optimization
    • Promotion optimization
    • Staffing optimization
    ... and more
  • Image Analysis

    • Personnel detection in stores and factories
    • Face recognition and facial expression analysis
    • 2D/3D pose estimation
    • Turbulence detection
    • Object abnormality detection
    ... and more
  • Speech Analysis

    • Transcription
    • Recognition of industry terminology (e.g. Nursing care field)
    ... and more
  • Text Analysis

    • Text classification / clustering
    • Text summarizing
    • Recognition of industry terminology
    • Collecting labeling statements
    • Annotation assistance
    ... and more
  • Robotics

    • General object grasping
    • Liquid / powder weighing
    ... and more

DX Team Building

Full support for internalization of DX personnel and organizations, from recruitment to training and retention

We provide services based on our original DX assessment, which is actually used for recruitment and training at ExaWizards, and learning programs whose contents are created by in-house professionals who are at the forefront of promoting AI utilization and DX in various industries.

  • 1.Recruitment


    ExaWizards has topped LinkedIn's recruiting power rankings for two years in a row.
    ExaWizards' expertise is now available as a service to help companies recruit digital talent.

  • 2.Discovery and training

  • 3.Fixation


The largest community of AI and DX promotion leaders in Japan

Provides opportunities to learn about AI/DX through online seminars, workshops, videos, and case studies from overseas. Many leading companies in various industries, including about half of the top 100 companies in Japan by market capitalization, participate in the seminars, which generate lively discussions.

Utilization in various industrial fields

Introduction of case studies of problem solving in various industrial fields using exaBase