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[ exaBase - One of Japan's largest AI Platforms ]

Supporting over 500 companies, including the majority of
Japan's top 100 companies by domestic market cap

What's exaBase?

exaBase is a service platform consisting of three components: Products, AI Assests, and Consulting Services.
exaBase will accelerate and deliver a smooth digital transformation addressing management issues through these components together combined.


exaBase offers you multiple ready to use products, set to go with a GUI or as a SaaS.
Products are built to solve your specific issues for swift and sure transformation.

AI Assets

exaBase opens your access to a library AI Assests - the rich intellectual property and AI models ExaWizards has accumulated through more than 300 AI projects conducted each year.
Leverage the power of proven AI models and intelectual properties at top level standards* of Japanese Startups into your digital transformation journey.
*191 patents applied, 85 patents acquired as of March 2023
Forecast and Analysis
  • Market price forecast
  • Pharmaceutical / chemical forecast
  • Active workforce / retirement forecast
  • Credit screening
  • Dam inflow forecast
... and more
  • Shelf space optimization
  • Operation schedule optimization
  • Material cutting optimization
  • Promotion optimization
  • Staffing optimization
... and more
Image Analysis
  • Personnel detection in stores and factories
  • Face recognition and facial expression analysis
  • 2D/3D pose estimation
  • Turbulence detection
  • Object abnormality detection
... and more
Speech Analysis
  • Transcription
  • Recognition of industry terminology (e.g. Nursing care field)
... and more
Text Analysis
  • Text classification / clustering
  • Text summarizing
  • Recognition of industry terminology
  • Collecting labeling statements
  • Annotation assistance
... and more
  • General object grasping
  • Liquid / powder weighing
... and more


exaBase's Consulting Services provides various solutions based on rich expertise from consultants, engineers, designers, along with the deep industry knowlegde from domain experts.
Our team will support you through the whole digital transformation process from strategy planning to data usage, business plans, organizational transformation, and infrastructure development.

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