exaBase Studio

Enabling incremental
development of AI software
AI service development environment
to accelerate AI utilization in enterprise
Launch in FY2023
Tremendous simplicity in
AI software development
Remove the complexities and errands
involved in implementing ML models as software.


Instantly assemble and deploy ML models both in-house and external

Easily integrate your in-house ML models and models from external vendors, and quickly deploy to the cloud

Complex async processing, such as integrating multiple ML models, can also be expressed simply

Deploy features designed on the GUI just in 1 click.
Speed up your “build-test” process

"Collaborative design and
development of AI software."

Co-design with users

Design business and data flows through conversations and deploy them with ease using the "Canvas" interface (Patented)

Clear role division among engineers

Machine learning engineers can focus on model development, while software engineers can focus on software development

Incremental digital transformation

Flexibility to add new components and embrace changes after

Gradually incorporating business into the data

The data structure is flexible and allows for gradual systematization of complex on-site operations, and connecting to existing databases and systems is also easy

Accumulating data for later AI implementation

It's also easy to use the system on a small scale, collecting data as you go, and then replace certain processes with AI at a certain point and run A/B tests.

Innovation realizing
"DX as Code"

The invention supporting exaBase Studio is the domain-specific language "exaBase Blueprint."

By incorporating the paradigm of reactive programming, it allows to express real-world data and logic extremely flexibly

A collection of AI software designs

As a quick start toward achieving results, we plan to provide industry/business-specific use cases based on our knowledge as templates that can be utilized on the product.
Enabling incremental development of AI software

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