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Solving social issues through Artificial Intelligence
for future generations


Representative Director & President
Makoto Haruta
Let’s start the work to make the world a happier place


Social issues are our issue
Continuous learning is our path to innovation
Solutions that directly benet society is our purpose


Cultivate Collective Awareness
Mission-Driven Teamwork
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Diversity & Inclusion at ExaWizards

Why should ExaWizards promote Diversity and Inclusion?

ExaWizards' mission statement is “Solving social issues through Artificial Intelligence for future generations.” Neither the social issues we've committed to solve, nor the future generations we're solving them for, are exclusive to Japan. In order to benefit society, we must embrace and represent society, and that begins with D&I.

Among ExaWizards' greatest strengths is the cumulative knowledge of its employees. This communal repository is the sum of each individual Wizard's lived experience, and scales greatly with diversity of not only country of origin, but every other factor that makes each of us unique. Our culture of inclusion then empowers each Wizard to share their unique perspectives as equals. Diversity gives us the potential for greatness, and Inclusion unlocks that potential.

Pledge to Three Types of Diversity

Diversity of Social Issues

Social Issues are by nature diverse. We pledge to approach each social issue with the goal of understanding its uniqueness, that we may then effectively solve it.

Diversity of Wizards

Diverse social issues naturally require diverse solutions. We pledge to gather Wizards with diverse expertise and backgrounds, and to respect the value of their various talents.

Diversity of Happiness

The definition of 'happiness' is unique to each individual. We pledge to respect this “diversity of happiness”, and to work toward a society in which these diverse ideals can coexist.

ExaWizards' Plan of Action to Honor Our Pledge

Specialized Opportunities
We will dedicate ourselves to providing opportunities for each Wizard to showcase their unique talents.
Support and Feedback
We will provide each Wizard with the support and feedback necessary to realize their full potential.
Open Environment
We will cultivate a culture in which each Wizard can benefit from and contribute to Diversity and Inclusion.
Ideas and Opinions
We will continue to reflect and improve on ourselves while pursuing an open environment where any Wizard can openly share their ideas and opinions, for a better future.
ExaWizards is committed to continue enforcing and updating our policies for a diverse and inclusive workplace.