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What We Offer

Japan's largest platforms for creating results through AI & DX

exaBase provides solutions to over 500 companies, including more than half of Japan’s top 100 companies by market capitalization.

exaBase is a platform with over 100 technology assets from ExaWizards, including AI algorithms and software, to create business impact through joint development of AI applications and implementation of AI in internal systems.

Our Clients

  • アサヒビール株式会社

  • 株式会社エヌ・ティ・ティ・データ

  • 株式会社スギ薬局

  • サイバーエージェント

  • ツムラ

  • 住友生命保険相互会社

  • アステラス製薬株式会社

  • Aflac

  • SoftBank

  • ヤマトグループ(新ロゴ)

  • 日本気象協会

  • 吉野家HD


  • 豊田通商

  • 関西電力


  • 神奈川

  • 東京海上日動

  • パーソル


  • 大成建設


  • 第一三共

  • Japan Degital Design

AI×Care service to realize evidence-based Care

In order to essentially solve issues in the nursing care industry, we support both care givers and care receivers by providing various apps: "CareWiz Hanasuto," supports the office work of nursing care staff using AI and voice input; and "CareWiz Toruto,” gait analysis AI to analyze the risk of falling and "CareWiz Kazoku-shien,” supports solving issues for family caregivers; suggest possible care.


Looking for “wizards” who want to change the society

We seek people who can think and act according to their own will,
people who can work in a team with a professional mind,
people who can work with a passion and commit themselves to producing results.
EXAWIZARDS provides an environment where you can actively take on challenges with outstanding colleagues to improve society.
Use your creativity and driving force to create a better world with us!

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