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  • Nikkei Business published "CareWiz Tayoruto" and Dai-ichi Life case studies of"exaBase Studio" in feature article "Colleagues are Generative AI".

Nikkei Business published “CareWiz Tayoruto” and Dai-ichi Life case studies of”exaBase Studio” in feature article “Colleagues are Generative AI”.

The November 27, 2023 issue of Nikkei Business featured “Colleagues are Generative AI: Disruptors or Aces of Expectation” as an example of how generative AI is beginning to be used in a wide range of fields.

“CareWiz Tayoruto” an interactive AI service specialized for the nursing care domain that utilizes ChatGPT and LINE, was featured in the article “Singularity Survival: Leading Companies Are Already Making the Change, Management Based on Generative AI. The article also introduced the use of  day-care facility in Chiba Prefecture.
The article also describes a service for consolidating back-office operations at nursing care facilities using generative AI, which is scheduled to be provided in FY2024 in partnership with Good Time Living, a major nursing care facility belonging to the Daiwa Securities Group.

Nikkei Business also introduced Dai-ichi Life Insurance’s efforts to promote in-house production of generative AI applications using our AI software development environment.

Nikkei Business is published by Nikkei BP, a subsidiary of Nikkei Newspaper.

▼For more information, please see the following link (external link, Only in Japanese)
Singularity Survival: Advanced Companies Already Making the Transition: Management with Generative AI: Nikkei Business e-Edition

▼The corresponding press release is here.
ExaWizards Now Offers ‘CareWiz Tayoruto,’ a Chat-Based AI Service Specializing in the Care Sector, Utilizing ChatGPT and LINE.
ExaWizards Enters the Back-Office Operations Consolidation Service for Nursing Homes Using Generative AI.
Dai-ichi Life Adopts exaWizards’ AI Development Environment “exaBase Studio” AI Development Environment