2020.07.07 Release

“AI Watch Recommend” service commences, the result of a joint development between ExaWizards and Citizen – Making it possible to receive optimal product suggestions online through AI –

This is to notify that “AI WATCH RECOMMEND,” a service developed jointly by ExaWizards Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Ko Ishiyama; hereinafter, “ExaWizards”) and Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishitokyo City, Tokyo; President & CEO: Toshihiko Sato; hereinafter, “Citizen”), commenced on June 7 (Tue.).

A service which analyzes the user’s preferences using AI, and displays recommendations from among Citizen’s approximately 700 models

This service is based on the concept of online customer service to help people find their perfect watch. Users visit the AI WATCH RECOMMEND website, and answer some questions about their fashion sense, lifestyle, values, and hobbies and interests. The website then performs AI analysis based on the results to ascertain the user’s fashion type and preferences, and then recommends several watch models from among Citizen’s approximately 700 models. From long-term watch lovers to those who have had no opportunities to come into contact with watches or who have had little interest in watches, this service enables anyone to have the chance to encounter watches as fashion or lifestyle items. We aimed to develop an even more satisfying service by adding reasons as to why particular products were chosen and incorporating proposals tailored to the user.

This service uses an AI model developed by ExaWizards to suggest watches which suit the user’s preferences by scoring and matching the features of the watch’s design and specifications and the user’s individual preferences. The AI model continues to learn from the data provided by users, further improving the accuracy of matching and achieving high-quality recommendations.

By using this service, people can receive online recommendations at any time for products suited to them. For example, some people may wish to buy a watch but are unsure what kind of watch would suit them or may want plenty of time to consider their purchase without feeling pressured, while others may not be able to visit a watch store in person or are refraining from doing so to avoid infection with COVID-19. In the future, we also aim to develop the kinds of services that will enable people to use the AI WATCH RECOMMEND service to find a particular watch they want, such as by introducing physical stores including department stores, electronics retail stores and watch dealers or online stores that stock the watch, or allowing it to be purchased on the official Citizen website.

[How to use the AI WATCH RECOMMEND service]
(1) Access the AI WATCH RECOMMEND website and answer some questions about your fashion sense and watch preferences. The website will then perform AI analysis based on the results and recommend several watch models from among Citizen’s approximately 700 models.

AI WATCH RECOMMEND website: https://aiwr.citizen.jp/

(2) In addition to giving reasons for the recommendations, it will also carry out a fashion diagnosis. You can get even more detailed recommendations by answering additional questions on your preferences, such as your lifestyle, hobbies and preferences, and values.

[Brands covered by the Recommend service]
A total of 14 brands, around 700 models

Example brands

*The content of this news release is based on information which is correct as of the time of announcement. The design, price, release date, specs, etc. of products are subject to change.

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