2021.04.01 Info

Notice of Change in Executive Structure

We are pleased to announce that ExaWizards Inc. has decided to change its executive structure. In addition, we have selected engineer employees who have very high technical skills and knowledge and appointed them as AI Engineering Fellows.

1. Executive Structure after April 1, 2021

Representative Director & President : Ko Ishiyama
Director & Chairman : Makoto Haruta
Director : Takuma Oue
Director : Yutaka Sakane
Outside Director : Yuuki Kuwabara
Outside Director : Yasushi Shingai
Outside Director : Toshihiko Hiura
Audit & Supervisory Board Member : Kenichi Kato
Audit & Supervisory Board Member : Masaru Iida
Audit & Supervisory Board Member : Manabu Sato
Audit & Supervisory Board Member : Manabu Sato
Executive Officer : Satoshi Ishino
Executive Officer : Tomoaki Maekawa (Newly appointed)
Executive Officer : Daiki Hasegawa (Newly appointed)
Executive Officer : Koji Hazama (Newly appointed)
Executive Officer : Tomoya Maekawa (Newly appointed)
Executive Officer : Tomohiko Kimura (Newly appointed)
Executive Officer : Kohei Okuno (Newly appointed)
AI Engineering Fellow : Satoshi Asatani (Newly appointed)
AI Engineering Fellow : Taichiro Endo (Newly appointed)
AI Engineering Fellow : Kentaro Suto (Newly appointed)
AI Engineering Fellow : Akihiro Sato (Newly appointed)
AI Engineering Fellow : Nishanth Koganti (Newly appointed)

2. Brief biographies of newly appointed officers

Executive Officer : Tomoaki Maekawa
Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and completed its Graduate School of Physical Electronics and Systems Creation. After working at Sony Corporation, he joined the Boston Consulting Group in 2013. As a project leader, he has been involved in numerous projects such as mid-term vision development, new business planning, digital transformation, and company-wide sales reform, mainly in the consumer goods, automobile, insurance, and financial industries. He joined ExaWizards in March 2019 with a passion to be more deeply involved in solving social issues. He has led the transformation of the domestic nursing care business and AI introduction/DX promotion projects for major corporations. Executive Officer since April 2021. Member of Dementia Innovation Alliance WG, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Executive Officer : Daiki Hasegawa
Graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Engineering. Master of Engineering, Kyoto University. In 2011, joined Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) as an engineer and engaged in emergency installation work for thermal power plants right after the earthquake disaster. In 2013, joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting. Engaged in various projects such as SCM restructuring, M&A support, digital mid-term plan planning, and business improvement using IT as leverage. In April 2018, joined ExaWizards. Leading a number of projects for companies in the western Japan area, including AI utilization consulting, AI development, business concepts leveraging data utilization, and smart city concept studies. Appointed as Executive Officer in April 2021.

Executive Officer : Koji Hazama
Graduated from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University, and completed the Graduate School of Informatics. Participated in the laboratory from its inception with a professor and assistant professor. Engaged in research and development of quality prediction and anomaly detection models in manufacturing processes using multivariate analysis and machine learning methods through joint research with major pharmaceutical companies, steel manufacturers, and consumer electronics manufacturers. In 2015, he joined A.T. Kearney, Inc. as a new graduate, where he was engaged in collaboration in business strategy planning and business development both domestic and international, data-driven operational reform, and corporate revitalization in industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automobiles, heavy industry, electronics and electrical appliances, consumer goods, and general trading companies. Later, he joined ExaWizards in 2018 and worked in the president’s office to launch business in the medical healthcare domain. he was appointed as the general manager of MedTech Department in October 2018 and as an executive officer in April 2021, responsible for business in the medical, nursing and healthcare domain.

Executive Officer : Tomoya Maekawa
Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Law. Started a C2C web service business while in school. Transferred the business and joined The Boston Consulting Group in April 2014. During his time at BCG, he was in charge of DX and new business development for financial institutions and manufacturers. While working on strategic planning for a variety of companies, he realized the potential and importance of AI and other technologies, and joined ExaWizards in May 2018. With a desire to inherit an affluent society in Japan, where the population is drastically decreasing, he aims to improve the productivity of people and organizations, and has consistently taken responsibility for business in the DX/HR domain since joining the company.

Executive Officer : Tomohiko Kimura
Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Science, Department of Information Science (Tsujii Lab, NLP). Earned Master of Science from Simon Fraser University, Faculty of Applied Science, School of Computing Science (NLP / information retrieval). Joined Google Japan in 2008. On the search team, worked on query parsing, ranking algorithms and search features. After Google, worked at startups such as MIdokura (network virtualization), Leomo (training devices for professional cyclists), and Moneytree (FinTech) as software engineer. Joined ExaWizards in August, 2020, since then working on growing the engineering organization and cultivating engineering culture within the organization. Appointed as an executive officer (Engineering Management) in April 2021.

Executive Officer : Kohei Okuno
Graduated from the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, and completed the Graduate School of Political Science, Waseda University. After completing graduate school, joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting and engaged in organizational HR consulting. Later, he gained extensive experience in human resource system design, global HR, human resource/organizational development, HRBP, and HR labor relations at DeNA, Seiyu-Walmart, and Mercari. With a desire to create an innovative organization that aims to solve social issues, he joined ExaWizards in September 2019, and became an Executive Officer in April 2021.

AI Engineering Fellow : Satoshi Asatani
Organizer of Artificial Intelligence Research Group, Director of AI Technology Promotion Office At Osaka University, he absorbed himself in the research of “intelligence” and developed a library for Deep Learning and a cell image recognition system using GPGPU. He gave a number of lectures and talks on AI technology and launched the AI Research Group in December 2015 while in school. In June 2016, he joined Exa Intelligence (now ExaWizards Inc.) as an AI engineer. He has been engaged in the development of AI systems in various fields such as image and video analysis/anomaly detection/optimization. Currently working on technological development focusing on system development that combines robotics and AI technology, and appointed as AI Engineering Fellow in April 2021.

AI Engineering Fellow : Taichiro Endo
Head of AI Engineering Management Completed the Master’s Course in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Aizu with top honors. In 1996, he started AI programming at the age of 18. While in graduate school at the University of Minnesota, he started his own company and started providing services using AI. After working on a wide range of AI-related projects, including implementation, paper research, system design, business consulting, and education, he joined Exa Intelligence (now ExaWizards Inc.). Associate Professor at Tokyo Gakugei University, Visiting Researcher at RIKEN Advanced Institute for Project Research (AIP), ACC of International Coach Federation. As one of the key pillars of the human resource development in the age of AI, working with Tokyo Gakugei University and other institutions in collaboration with industry, government and academia.

AI Engineering Fellow : Kentaro Suto
2005, Completed Master’s program in Systems Quantum Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Research on a physics simulation method “Particle Method”. 2008-2009, Prometech Software Inc. Development of fast particle method program, Development of game engine “OctaveEngine”, Co-development of iOS application “AquaForest” with Hudson. Feb. 2009 – Feb. 2013, Phyzios Ltd. Development of web service “Phyzios STUDIO”, Development of iOS apps using physics calculations (PhyziosStudio, PhyziosSculptor, Printmaking, Sand Playing, BattleshipCraft) . 2013-2018, Google Inc. Development of particle method engine “LiquidFun”, Development and maintenance of internal systems, Functional enhancement of Google Maps for iOS. 2018-, ExaWizards Inc. In April 2021, appointed as AI Engineering Fellow. 

AI Engineering Fellow : Akihiro Sato
Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Intelligent Systems. In April 2008, joined a system development company. After working on the construction and operation of financial systems, engaged in R&D of in-house technologies at a research institute of a major Japanese electronics manufacturer. In 2015, he joined SOINN Corporation, an AI venture from Tokyo Institute of Technology, where he worked on a number of projects from requirement definition to delivery, including demand forecasting, human movement imitation, and motion acquisition using AI/machine learning. In October 2017, he joined Exa Wizards Inc. as a Machine Learning Engineer. Appointed as AI Engineering Fellow in April 2021.

AI Engineering Fellow : Nishanth Koganti
Graduated with B.Tech from Electrical Engineering department, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur in April 2008. Graduated with M.Eng and D.Eng from the Graduate School of Information Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology in September 2014 and September 2017 respectively. Academic experience includes working as a Postdoctoral researcher at Tokyo University till March 2018 and then working as an Assistant Professor at Nara Institute of Science and Technology till March 2019. Industry experience includes working as a Senior Data Scientist in the procurement domain developing natural language processing driven AI products. In 2021, joined ExaWizards Inc. and appointed as AI Engineering Fellow in April 2021. Received Best Application Paper Award at IROS 2015 conference and Advanced Robotics Excellent Paper Award in 2020. Research interests include Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision and Robotics.

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