2020.12.23 Release

ExaWizards and Leave a Nest launch the “Issue-Solving AI Support Platform” geared to solve deep issues

ExaWizards Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Ko Ishiyama, President & CEO; hereinafter referred to as ExaWizards) and Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Yukihiro Maru, Group CEO; hereinafter referred to as Leave a Nest) has launched the Issue-Solving AI Support Platform geared to solve deep issues (*1).

☑︎ Overview
With the Issue-Solving AI Support Platform that has been just launched, Leave a Nest and ExaWizards form a team with ventures and researchers to implement AI for solving issues that society and companies face. Leave a Nest as Science Bridge Communicator®︎ (*2) discovers ventures and researchers who aim to solve deep issues and with whom it jointly designs the path to issue solving. ExaWizards, which works on the social implementation of AI jointly, develops AI services that enhance venture and researcher technologies. The two companies will work to implement issue-solving AI as they tackle issues that companies and society face.

☑︎  Background
Leave a Nest is a group of science bridge communicators®︎ who create new sustainable businesses by communicating science and technology in a user-friendly way and implementing them in society, under the vision of “Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness.” Since 2014, it has rolled out Asia’s biggest venture eco-system, TECH PLANTER, at 15 locations in Japan and 10 locations globally, discovering and educating over 2,000 real-tech (*3) ventures and researchers. During its seventh anniversary celebration in 2020, it advanced the concept of Deep Issue & Deep Tech Explorer, which is expected to solve “deep issues” or unresolved issues with “deep tech” (*4), an aggregate of science and technology, and held Grand Prix contests in each of the eight domains where it seeks to solve deep issues.

Through such TECH PLANTER activities, Leave a Nest has discovered that although it is getting more important for ventures in all sectors to incorporate AI that is being commodified in their businesses, most of them lack in-house resources for developing AI or conducting verification tests rapidly, which is a new issue in the growth process of ventures.

ExaWizards aims to solve social issues through AI by working to develop AI products and to put them into social use in nursing care, healthcare, HR, financial, robot, and other areas, under the vision of “Solving social Issues through Artificial Intelligence for future generations.” Its members include AI engineers, software and hardware engineers, domain experts such as nursing care, strategic consultants, researchers, designers, policy specialists, and other inter-disciplinary human resources. In Japan, which embraces a super-aging society, ExaWizards develops products on the basis of a thorough understanding of workplace needs and issues in each domain. At the same time, it rolls out services at its global sites working to solve global social issues.

For FY2020 TECH PLANTER, ExaWizards participated in the Third Med-Tech Grand Prix KOBE and the First Care-Tech Grand Prix as a partner company and gave corporate awards to the ventures that were expected to work together in each Grand Prix. From now on, ExaWizards and Leave a Nest aim to solve global deep issues with ventures and researchers and challenge the development of AI-enabled new business and services. We will also expand the Issue-Solving AI Support Platform into the areas of education and human resource development, focusing on building a mechanism that contributes to solving global social issues.

(*1) “Deep issues” refer to global deep social issues.
(*2) Science Bridge Communicators® refer to human resources who are versed in accurate knowledge of advanced science and who can communicate it to society in a user-friendly way (science bridge communication).
(*3) Research- and development-based technology that contributes to solving issues for the globe and humanity.
(*4) An aggregate of science and technology for solving global issues.

☑︎ Comments from the two companies
Yukihiro Maru: Group CEO, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. 
“In the coming years, real-tech ventures in any sector will have contact with AI, so the integration of AI with in-house technologies and speedy development will become important. As AI becomes widespread, Leave a Nest’s science bridge communicators®︎ will certainly play a greater role in bridging human knowledge and sensibilities with business. We aim to solve deep issues faster by working together with ExaWizards to advance each real-tech venture’s core technology.” 

Ko Ishiyama: President & CEO, ExaWizards Inc.
“ExaWizards has developed AI products in the nursing care/medical sector that supports the elderly, the financial sector that supports sustainable social security, and the HR Tech/robot sector that supports decreasing labor population, and other sectors to solve social issues in the super-aging society. The present new integration of TECH PLANTER’s real science with ExaWizard’s AI will create new deep-tech products, which will allow us to work on solving global social issues that were challenging to solve.”

[Outline of Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.]
Corporate name: Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
Location: Iidabashimiyuki Bldg. 5F, 1-4, Shimomiyabicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yukihiro Maru, Group CEO
Description of business: Knowledge creator
URL: https://lne.st/