2021.07.19 Release

“CareWiz Hanasuto-kiroku”, an AI-based, Nursing Care Recording Application, Adopted as a Certified IT Tool for the IT Introduction Subsidy 2021
—Up to 4.5 million yen of the introduction cost is subsidized

ExaWizards Inc., a company that develops AI-enabled services to solve social issues (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President: Ko Ishiyama; hereafter, “ExaWizards”), today announced that “CareWiz Hanasuto-kiroku”, its AI-based, nursing care recording application, has been adopted as a certified IT tool for the IT Introduction Subsidy 2021.

In long-term care providers/facilities, nursing care workers need to enter the nursing care record on the PC or other devices to keep the nursing care record of the day and to transfer the information to other care workers on the next shifts. However, it is a big burden on the care workers to take notes for the nursing care record while providing nursing aid on site or to do input work after providing the nursing aid. If the nursing care record could be recorded automatically while the staff is providing nursing aid, it would not only reduce the workload of the nursing care workers, but also allow them to have more face-to-face time with those who need nursing care. We therefore developed “CareWiz Hanasuto-kiroku”, the AI-based nursing care recording application by reflecting the opinions from those involved in the nursing care, asking “can Hanasu (talking) be used to keep the nursing record?”

■ Outline of the IT Introduction Subsidy
The IT Introduction Subsidy is the subsidy that small and medium-sized companies and small-scale enterprises can use for the introduction of IT tools. For businesses that can make multiple processes contactless or further increase work efficiency, a part of the expenses for the IT tool introduction is subsidized. In the “Business with lower infection risk (special frame: Category C),” for which “CareWiz Hanasuto-kiroku” is adopted as the certified tool, up to 2/3, or a maximum of 4.5 million yen of the total cost for the introduction of the tool is subsidized.

“CareWiz Hanasuto-kiroku” can complete the record just by talking about the nursing care and there is no need to take notes using paper and pencil or tap the device screen. Thus, the tool can reduce contact among the care workers by not sharing paper and devices, and it is adopted as a certified IT tool for the subsidy. With automated nursing care recording by voice input and utilization of the intercom system, the information can be easily transferred among care workers through the app, encouraging information sharing and communication as they have less face-to-face contact with each other.

Website with more details:https://www.it-hojo.jp/first-one/cd-type.html

■IT tool registration information
IT tool name : CareWiz Hanasuto-kiroku License
Category : Stand-alone software
Description of the IT tool : CareWiz Hanasuto-kiroku is an AI-enabled, nursing care recording application developed by reflecting the opinions from those involved in nursing care. It supports indirect tasks of nursing care workers, such as recording of nursing care, transferring of information, and intercom function, with the AI and voice input. Nursing care record can be kept on the spot while the nursing aid is being provided, without requiring a notepad or input work. The record and information can be shared through the nursing care software in a comprehensive manner. 
Cloud compatible tool : Applicable
Tool enabling contactless operatio : Applicable
Product URL : https://carewiz.ai/hanasuto/
Industry sector : Nursing care
Process of the IT tool : (7) Versatile, automation, Analytical tool
Company name/Organizing company : CARE CONNECT JAPAN, Inc.(*)
* It is registered under the name of CARE CONNECT JAPAN, Inc., which is the IT Introduction Support Company (sales agency).

■ Outline of CareWiz Hanasuto-kiroku
☑︎ Just speak, and the AI will pick up the related words and making the nursing care record.
When the worker says the name of a person using the nursing care facility or talks about the details of the nursing, the AI picks up the terms relevant to the nursing care and records them. By displaying the saved records in a colorful and easy to understand card style, other care workers can also quickly review them. Just by checking through the app, the care workers can easily confirm how many meals and drink the care receiver had, and how their condition seemed to be.

☑︎ Connection with the nursing care recording/billing software and automated record keeping can “reduce 40 min. per day” per worker
“CareWiz Hanasuto-kiroku” is connected with “CAREKARTE”, the nursing care recording/billing software which is used in 12,000 nursing care service providers and facilities as well as social welfare service offices. After keeping the record with voice, data is easily coordinated with the “CAREKARTE” data so that the nursing care recording, information sharing and claim for insurance are available in the present. In the future, we will increase coordination with other nursing care service providers and increase the nursing care service offices that can adopt the tools.

Web site:https://carewiz.ai/hanasuto
Contact: https://carewiz.ai/hanasuto/contact
*”CareWiz” is a registered trademark of ExaWizards

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