2021.10.11 Release

ExaWizards Forms a Business Tie-up with CyberAgent
—With exaBase, an artificial intelligence (AI)–enabled platform, the two companies will be able to provide one-stop AI and digital transformation (DX) services development solutions fully committed to a wide range of supports, including those for “user growth.”

ExaWizards Inc., a company that develops AI-enabled services to solve social issues (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President: Ko Ishiyama; hereafter, “ExaWizards”), announced today that it would start a business tie-up with CyberAgent, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Susumu Fujita; hereinafter, “CyberAgent”) for developing DX solutions and service growth using AI.

Companies face an urgent need to promote digital transformation (DX) further due to rapid changes in the digital environment accelerated by the necessity to coexist with the novel coronavirus and a broad range of social issues surrounding the super-aging society among others. Factors essential for DX are “service growth achieved by improved operations” to turn changes in circumstances, such as changes in consumer behavior and technological changes into business opportunities and “capabilities to develop services” as the basis.

ExaWizards has strived to help companies solve their issues and maximize their customer value through exaBase, an artificial intelligence (AI)–enabled platform that deepens understanding of AI and DX and provides services from strategy planning to system development and implementation in a seamless manner. The AI-enabled platform has provided a wide array of AI and DX solutions for over 500 companies, including more than half of the 100 largest Japanese companies in terms of market capitalization and actually impacted numerous projects.

Against this backdrop, ExaWizards and CyberAgent agreed to start a business tie-up for developing DX solutions and service growth using AI. The combination of ExaWizards’ high AI technology and service development capabilities that have supported many companies in AI implementation and DX promotion and CyberAgent’s capabilities to improve operations in keeping with changes in circumstances that have supported many companies in solving their issues and promoting business growth will powerfully assist companies in solving their issues and maximizing their customer value.

☑︎Outline of Business Tie-up
(1) Bolstering the user growth support function of exaBase, ExaWizards’ platform for AI-enabled service development
ExaWizards has supported its customers in developing AI-enabled services by utilizing exaBase. Through the business tie-up with CyberAgent, which is well-versed in marketing, the scope of the support will be extended to include user growth after the release of a developed AI-enabled service.

(2) Strengthening CyberAgent’s capabilities to develop AI technologies for DX solutions
With its know-how in user growth, CyberAgent has provided its customers with DX solutions. As AI becomes more important for DX solutions, the company will be able to develop more advanced AI functions by utilizing exaBase.

(3) Joint solution development beyond the strengthening of two companies’ existing service functions mentioned above
By combining ExaWizards’ AI technology capabilities and CyberAgent’s know-how in user growth, both companies will explore new AI and DX solutions.

Through this business tie-up to powerfully assist companies in solving their issues and maximizing their customer value, ExaWizards and CyberAgent will accelerate social implementation of AI technologies and DX promotion to solve social issues.

*exaBase is a registered trademark of ExaWizards.

[Corporate profile of ExaWizards Inc.]
Company name: ExaWizards Inc.
Headquarters: 21F, Shiodome Sumitomo Bldg., Higashi Shimbashi 1-9-2, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Founded in: February 2016
Representative: Ko Ishiyama, Representative Director & President
Description of business: Development of AI-enabled services for industrial innovation and social problems solutions
URL: https://exawizards.com/

[Corporate profile of CyberAgent, Inc.]
Company name: CyberAgent, Inc.
Headquarters: Abema Towers 40-1 Udagawacho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Founded on: March 18, 1998
Representative: Susumu Fujita, Representative Director
Description of business: Media Business, Internet Advertising Business, Game Business, and Investment Development Business
URL: https://www.cyberagent.co.jp/

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