2022.03.11 Media

“exaBase Robotics” has been introduced in various TV programs.

▽Live News α, Fuji Television Network, Inc.
 Introductory Video: World’s First Pancake Serving AI Robot: A Collection of the Latest Technologies
▽news every., Nippon Television Network Corporation
 Introduction video: [International Robot Exhibition] Remote control and human warmth ⁈Cutting-edge robots gathered
▽Live News It!, Fuji Television Network, Inc.
 The world’s first AI robot makes a “Michelin-class” cake…
 The world’s largest “International Robot Exhibition” – Robots that “reproduce” with the world’s most advanced technology
▽The Time, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
 Unique Robots at the International Robot Exhibition
▽N-suta, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
 Table Tennis, even Pancakes are as good as Human! Robot technology from all over the world!

【Technology Explained】
▽What is difficult?
・The serving process has not been automated due to the ambiguous criteria of “whether it looks good” and the difficulty of “working with irregularly shaped items.

▽exaBase Robotics approach
・The robot controls soft bodies, liquids, and powders to reproduce the skill of serving pancakes that look delicious to humans.
・For example, a control program that makes the chocolate sauce “look good” on the robot based on the distribution of ingredients and viscosity, which are important for the appearance of the serving, and a coordination system that allows three different cooperating robots to work together.

Future developments and applications
・We are promoting the use of AI in food processing, chemicals, cosmetics, construction, and heavy industry, for example.
・As a concrete example, Nippon Steel Corporation has begun a demonstration of this technology in their molten iron operations, and is working to solve social issues.

exaBase Robotics:https://exawizards.com/exabase/robotics/