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  • ExaWizards, "AI Strategies for the Web3 Era. A Positive Spiral that Transforms Social Problem Solving into a Growth Business" published by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
    〜The book covers the framework, 30 case studies, and the organization, skills, and mindset necessary to utilize AI and DX in the Web3 era. 〜

ExaWizards, “AI Strategies for the Web3 Era. A Positive Spiral that Transforms Social Problem Solving into a Growth Business” published by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
〜The book covers the framework, 30 case studies, and the organization, skills, and mindset necessary to utilize AI and DX in the Web3 era. 〜

 ExaWizards, (Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Ko Ishiyama; hereinafter “ExaWizards”), which is engaged in solving social issues through AI-based services, published a book titled “AI Strategy for the Web3 Era: Positive Spiral to Turn Social Problem Solving into Growth Business” (hereinafter “AI Strategy for the Web3 Era”) on August 29, 2022, from Nikkei Business Publications.
 The book explains how companies can formulate and implement strategies to utilize AI and DX (Digital Transformation) in the current wave of Web3, including blockchain, NFT, and metaverse. The book also includes more than 30 case studies on social issues in 10 fields.
 The book is now available for pre-order on Amazon at the URL: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4296112678/.

☑ Background of Publication 

 Many companies around the world are accelerating business results through the use of AI and DX. How do these companies actually increase their business value?
First of all, they must understand the characteristics of AI, and then respond by formulating utilization scenarios, identifying data, and preparing organizational structures.
 In addition, solving social issues has become important not only for the public sector but also for companies in general. The fields that the public and companies are working on are overlapping more than ever, and here, too, problem solving through the use of AI and DX is becoming indispensable.
 On the other hand, the need for Web3 information has been increasing in Japan since the spring of 2022, and we have been receiving many questions from corporate CxOs and other executives asking, “How will Web3 affect companies?” and “What is the relationship between Web3 and AI?” Combined with AI and DX, the practical application of this technology is increasing. By utilizing Web3 technology and thinking, we are entering an era where new approaches to problem solving are possible.
 How can AI and DX raise the level of a company’s competitiveness in the Web3 era? Based on the knowledge of ExaWizards, our Business Managing Director, Takuma Oue, has written this book.

☑BASICs, a framework for solving social issues through AI
 In the process of writing this book, we developed “BASICs,” a framework of elements necessary for solving social issues with AI in the Web3 era. The BASICs can be used by companies and organizations as a checklist and a guide for constant awareness and improvement from planning to execution when implementing solutions to various social issues.
 The second part of the book presents more than 30 case studies based on BASICs, highlighting why each approach is working so well. In the future, ExaWizards plans to use BASICs as a framework for solving social issues through AI in our consulting services using our AI platform, exaBase.

Key case studies in this book
~30+ case studies identifying 10 areas with reference to UN SDG issues ~.
 In this book, social issues are defined in 10 areas with reference to the 17 SDGs issues of the United Nations.

(1) Responding to the super-aging society: Honor(US).; Smart Aging Tech(Taiwan)
(ii) Advanced medical care, confronting pandemics: DeepMind (UK), Exscientia (UK), Babylon (UK), NVIDIA (US)
(iii) Spending on wellbeing: SOMPO Himawari Life, Oura(Finland’), Better Up(US), Walmart(US)
(iv) Respond to changes in work styles: Zoom (US), Meta (US), eXp World (US.), etc.
(v) Responding to climate change: Google (US), Japan Weather Association, Softbank, Pachama (US)
(vi) Take on the challenge of decarbonization and resource conservation: Nori (US), Tesla (US.)
(vii) Avert food crisis: PLANTX, Impossible Foods(US), McDonald(US), Danone, Brightseed(US)
(viii) Protect supply chain and keep business going: Yamato Transport, Walmart(US), Sugi Pharmacy
(ix) Sustain and develop rural areas and small and medium-sized enterprises: Maebashi City, TEIKOKU DATABANK, Shoppify(Cnada), Yamakoshi region, Niigata Prefecture
(x) Ensure sustainable production and manufacturing: Japanese steel giant, Juchheim ,BMW( Germany)

Part 1: Web3 and AI
 Chapter 1: Rapidly Growing Interest in Web3, essentially a Change in Values
 Chapter 2: AI’s “Guruguru Model” and Valorization of Data Essential in the Web3 Era
 Chapter 3: AI and DX Strategies in the Web3 Era
 Chapter 4: Overlapping Public and Business Problem Solving
 Chapter 5: Social Problem Solving Framework “BASICs
Part 2: AI Solves 10 Social Issues
 Chapter 6: What are the 10 social challenges facing the world?
 Chapter 7 Staying Healthy in Mind and Body
 Chapter 8: Responding to and Sustaining Environmental Change
 Chapter 9: Strengthening Communities and Businesses
Part 3: Organization, Skills, and Mindset for Successful AI Strategies in the Web3 Era
 Chapter 10 “Body” Transform into an AI Factory with an Autonomous Organization
 Chapter 11 “Skill” Acquire two skills: digital and innovative
 Chapter 12 “Mind” Positive Mindset Leads to Growth

The Author
Takuma Oue

After receiving an undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University, and a graduate degree from the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University (Urban Planning, AI/Data Science), Mr. Oue joined Boston Consulting Group in 2013. After working on a number of projects including business growth strategy, corporate transformation, DX promotion, and new business launch, he joined ExaWizards in 2018. Since April 2019, as an executive officer of AI business, he had been in charge of several hundred DX/AI implementation projects (open innovation for large companies and startups) and service development.
In June 2020, he assumed the position of Director.
He has a lot of experience as a lecturer in providing DX training to business leaders and corporate managers, serves as a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Hyogo, and is an author of “Next Generation AI Strategies 2025– The 20 Arears Likely to Dramatically Change and Transformation Scenarios 128” (Nikkei Business Publications, Inc., 2021).

ExaWizards Corporation Company Profile
 Company name: ExaWizards Corporation
 Location: 21F, Shiodome Sumitomo Building, 1-9-2 Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
 Representative: Ko Ishiyama, President and Representative Director
 Business: Industrial innovation and resolution of social issues through the development of services utilizing AI
 URL: https://exawizards.com/

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