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  • President Ko Ishiyama appeared on Bunka Hoso Radio's "Hamamatsucho Innovation Culture Cafe"

President Ko Ishiyama appeared on Bunka Hoso Radio’s “Hamamatsucho Innovation Culture Cafe”

Ko Ishiyama, President of ExaWizards, and Hiroyuki, 4chan administrator and President of Tokyo Plus, Inc. appeared on “Hamamatsucho Innovation Culture Cafe,” hosted by Professor Akie Iriyama. As a continuation of the December 26 broadcast, they discussed the theme, “How can people change.”

About Hamamatsucho Innovation Culture Cafe
Hamamatsucho Innovation Culture Cafe is a cafe tucked away in a back alley in Hamamatsucho.
The cafe is run by a master who is an expert in business administration, and is visited by creators, experts, and entrepreneurs from a variety of genres. Creators, experts, and entrepreneurs from various fields visit the cafe, where they exchange ideas and opinions on themes such as social issues and future projections.You may find hints for a better future and innovations to realize it.

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