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  • The SBI Shinsei Bank Group implemented “exaBase DX Assessment & Learning,” DX Human Resources Discovery and Development Services:Assessment of ~6,500 group employees’ skills and qualities required to promote DX in order to support concretization of selected ideas

The SBI Shinsei Bank Group implemented “exaBase DX Assessment & Learning,” DX Human Resources Discovery and Development Services:Assessment of ~6,500 group employees’ skills and qualities required to promote DX in order to support concretization of selected ideas

ExaWizards Inc., a company that develops AI-enabled services to solve social issues (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President: Ko Ishiyama; hereafter, “ExaWizards”), announces that its DX human resources discovery and development services entitled “exaBase DX Assessment & Learning” has been adopted by SBI Shinsei Bank, Limited (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President: Katsuya Kawashima; hereafter, “SBI Shinsei Bank”) and its group companies.
Customer needs change rapidly as digital technology advances. The financial industry also needs to digitize business processes and services to maintain high competitiveness and develop problem-solving through DX promotion for business reforms.

Against this backdrop, ExaWizards has suppoted problem-solving through DX promotion at more than 800 companies, including financial institutions (as of December 31, 2022) by providing “exaBase DX Assessment & Learning,” DX human resources discovery and development services that combine assessement and e-learning to visualize current human resources and realize optimal DX human resources development.

We have implemented the services to the SBI Shinsei Bank Group and assessed approximately 6,500 employees’ skills and qualities to promote DX. Based on assessment results, we have provided appropriate e-learning and collected ideas to promote DX to offer a proof of concept (PoC) planning workshop for selected employees (offer period: April to November 2022).

☑︎Program steps
The program consisted of the following six steps.
(1) DX Lecture
What benefits can your personal career derive when you become a DX human resource? Obtain an overview by looking at case studies.
(2) DX Assessment
Assess your skills and qualities required to be a digital innovator on the web to visualize your current status.
(3) Do e-learning
Lecturers who actually offer DX consulting and develop AI models and products on the ground will provide e-learning content and living knowledge.
(4) DX Assessment
Review changes in skills and qualities after e-learning through assessment services.
(5) Extract and Select DX Ideas
The SBI Shinsei Bank Group sought DX ideas from approximately 6,500 group employees. ExaWizards’ consultants helped them select and evaluate promising DX ideas in terms of (1) critical problem-setting, (2) feasibility, and (3) impact.
(6) PoC Praxis Camp
Based on assessment results, we selected about 30 members who designed promising ideas to participate in a workshop to concretize those ideas. ExaWizards’ consultants helped them refine their ideas considering PoC praxis and the selected members presented their ideas to directors, including the President.
This PoC Praxis Camp promoted multiple ideas at actual departments.

The theme of this initiative was “how to discover and develop human resources capable of self-driving DX promotion in the field” through a series of steps, including visualization of the current situation through assessments, fostering a mindset, acquiring literacy, selecting human resources, and acquiring practical skills.As a result, SBI Shinsei Bank Group’s frontline departments have begun working to resolve issues through DX promotion.

ExaWizards will continue to provide exaBase DX Assessment & Learning to SBI Shinsei Bank Group and many other companies that are engaged in DX human resource development, thereby supporting data-driven human resource development and the creation of a system that will continue to produce human resources to promote and lead DX. 

☑︎About “exaBase DX Assessment & Learning” 
exaBase DX Assessment & Learning” is ExaWizards’ DX talent acquisition/development service which has been introduced to more than 700 companies, most of which are major enterprises. It has both assessment and learning functions. With the assessment function, the assessment taker receives scores for their digital/innovation skills and potential ability necessary for the implementation/promotion of DX. Their “skills” and “potential ability” are also measured so that the company can easily spot the talent with sufficient skill and ability to immediately implement/promote DX, and will smoothly design a DX talent development plan. On top of that, with the learning function, the talent development plan optimized for the learner is provided based on the visualized information about their strengths and weaknesses identified by the assessment as well as the goals set by them. Furthermore, in addition to the measurement of individual skills and potential ability, exaBase DX Assessment & Learning allows the company to check the on-line analysis report of the entire organization. By referring to various averages or attribute data by industry, job category, or age, the company can figure out its current business status from an objective standpoint.
Website: https://exawizards.com/exabase/assess-learning/training/

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