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AI Software Integrated Development Environment “exaBase Studio” Page now Available


exaBase Studio is an integrated development environment for developing and operating AI software using an easy-to-understand user interface (UI). It is currently under development and undergoing PoC with multiple customers in various industries, and is scheduled to be officially launched in FY2023. 

By using exaBase Studio, business divisions, managers, experts, and UX designers who are familiar with on-site operations can participate equally in the design and development, which used to be done only by engineers, and analyze and design processes using in-house data, design conditions for executing them, and design UI to check the results. This enables us to analyze and design processes using in-house data and design conditions for executing them.

When developing AI software, it is possible to utilize AI algorithms, AI applications, and other assets accumulated in our AI platform, “exaBase”. We can also combine AI algorithms owned by our clients. 

For more information about exaBase Studio, please refer to the following link.

exaBase Studio page