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  • "exaBase DX Assessment & Learning" : Releasing "DIA 3.0" Assessment Fully Compliant with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's "Digital Skill Standards" This Summer
    “All-encompassing DX Talent Search and Training: Supporting Two Standards, DX Literacy Standards and DX Promotion Skill Standards”

“exaBase DX Assessment & Learning” : Releasing “DIA 3.0” Assessment Fully Compliant with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Digital Skill Standards” This Summer
“All-encompassing DX Talent Search and Training: Supporting Two Standards, DX Literacy Standards and DX Promotion Skill Standards”

ExaWizards Inc. (based in Minato, Tokyo; Representative Director & President: Makoto Haruta; hereinafter called “ExaWizards”) will upgrade the human resource assessment function “DIA” of “exaBase DX Assessment & Learning” this summer for full compliance with “Digital Skill Standards,” which was formulated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Information-technology Promotion Agency. The “DIA” platform has already covered the Digital Skill Standards extensively. With the upgrade to ensure full compliance, it will become an all-encompassing platform for identifying and nurturing DX talent in accordance with both DX Literacy Standards and DX Promotion Skill Standards, which are integral components of the Digital Skill Standards.
exaBase DX Assessment & Learning is a service for the discovery and development of DX human resources that have been introduced in 900 or more companies, mainly significant companies, and through which 60 thousand or more people took an exam. Our platform utilizes the proprietary digital innovator assessment tool ‘DIA’ to evaluate applicants across four competencies or dimensions: skills, knowledge, digital, and innovation. You can compare their results with past assessments of other companies, industries, and so on, which we have in our database.

We are planning to upgrade this service in the coming summer to ensure full compliance with “Digital Skill Standards*1,” which consists of the DX Literacy Standards and DX Promotion Skill Standards, formulated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Information-technology Promotion Agency. You can compare the exam result scores before and after the upgrade.
The Skill Standards define the critical skills required to successfully implement DX initiatives, which have been classified into four categories (a-d)*2 based on their level of importance. In the new assessment of this service, these skills are treated as follows:

[DX Literacy Standards]
The literacy that all business persons should acquire is shown from the viewpoints of the necessary mindset for creating new values in social changes, knowledge on changes in society, customers, and competition environment, knowledge on use cases of data and digital technologies, etc., and other factors.
The assessment tool “DIA 3.0” includes questions covering the four main categories and 16 subcategories defined in the DX Literacy Standards, enabling you to visualize an applicant’s DX literacy by assessing their scores on each item and overall score. This enables quantitatively grasping the necessary levels to be involved in and leading DX promotion.

[DX Promotion Skill Standards]
Skills that each human resource type promoting DX (business architect/designer/data scientist/software engineer/cyber security engineer, etc.) should acquire are shown.
The assessment tool “DIA 3.0” includes questions that cover the specific skill items defined for each subcategory in the five main categories and 12 subcategories outlined in the DX Promotion Skill Standards. This enables you to visualize and quantitatively evaluate an applicant’s skills for each category using scores or levels corresponding to the importance levels (a-d). (Personal skills are visualized up to each skill item)
☑︎ Features of “DIA 3.0”
Feature 1: Full compliance with the Digital Skill Standards
Visualize applicants’ capabilities in compliance with both “DX Literacy Standards,” which are capabilities and skills that all business persons, including top management, should acquire, and “DX Promotion Skill Standards,” which are required of human resources promoting DX. Clarify the strengths and weaknesses of applicants and the whole organization and propose the next growth policy.

Feature 2: High score accuracy using data science/unique algorithm
With fewer questions, you can measure applicants’ capabilities elaborately with an adaptive model in which questions are set based on the applicants’ results of the preceding questions. You can also grasp to what extent applicants can contribute to DX promotion with their exam result scores.

Feature 3: Support for development after the exam
The learning function of “exaBase DX Assessment & Learning” offers development content aimed at helping business personnel acquire DX literacy, covering all items outlined in the DX Literacy Standards. This enables the clarification of strengths and weaknesses by the skill diagnosis of DIA3.0 and provides all-encompassing support for cultivating the mindset and developing human resources. You can also confirm the acquisition statuses of capabilities and skills by having applicants retake the exam after development.

ExaWizards will continue supporting the development of data-driven human resources and establishing a system for continuously cultivating talent who can promote and lead DX. To achieve this, we will provide our DX talent identification and training service, exaBase DX Assessment & Learning, which fully complies with the Digital Skill Standards, to as many companies as possible involved in DX talent development.

*1: Source: Information-technology Promotion Agency “Digital Skill Standards ver.1.0” <https://www.ipa.go.jp/jinzai/skill-standard/dss/ps6vr700000083ki-att/000106872.pdf>

*2: The standards and definitions of the importance specified in the Digital Skill Standards are as follows.
a: Require high practical skills and expertise
b: Require certain practical skills and expertise
c: Require a level of understanding sufficient for an explanation as knowledge
d: Require understanding of the position as a system in the whole and associations with other items

☑︎“exaBase DX Assessment & Learning”
This service is for discovering and developing DX human resources, introduced in 900 or more companies, mainly significant ones. It has both assessment and learning functions. The assessment function calculates the “Digital” and “Innovative” scores necessary for implementing and promoting DX. Also, it diagnoses applicants’ “Skills” and “Knowledge” as helpful in grasping adaptable human resources and formulating development policy to promote DX. The learning function provides information that visualizes the strengths and weaknesses identified by assessments and the development program optimized for each applicant considering the information of the set targets. Moreover, you can also confirm the analysis report of the whole organization in addition to the diagnosis results of individuals online. You can grasp your current position objectively by cross-checking with various attribute data, such as the average levels of the whole world and levels specific to each industry, job category, or age.
Site URL: https://exawizards.com/exabase/assess-learning/training/

*exaBase is a registered trademark of ExaWizards.

☑︎About Exawizards
Since its establishment in 2016, ExaWizards has been consistently developing and implementing AI-enabled services and developing strategies to address social issues. Our business segments are divided into AI platform business and AI product business, and we accumulate proprietary algorithms and data while turning both AI platform and AI product businesses as a multi-sectoral and multi-modal strategy. ExaWizards has applied for 196 patents and has been granted 95 patents (as of March 31, 2023), and also possesses advanced technologies in the hardware domain, such as robots and AI cameras. For more information about ExaWizards’ Care & Med Tech business, please visit https://exawizards.com/care-med-tech.

【Company profile of ExaWizards, Inc.】
Company name: ExaWizards Corporation
Location: 21F, Shiodome Sumitomo Building, 1-9-2 Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Makoto Haruta, President and Representative Director
Business: Industrial innovation and resolution of social issues through the development of services utilizing AI
URL: https://exawizards.com/

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