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  • Nikkei Business Daily featured ExaWizards' AI for diagnosing signs of dementia.

Nikkei Business Daily featured ExaWizards’ AI for diagnosing signs of dementia.

On September 12, 2023, Nikkei Business Daily featured an article on an AI being developed by ExaWizards to diagnose signs of dementia using sound. The article, titled “Diagnosis of Signs of Dementia by Sound: ExaWizards Develops AI,” introduced the diagnosis based on features such as the frequency of sound and the frequency of stuttering, which is currently 80% accurate.

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▼Here is the related press release for this article.
ExaWizards Begins Development of AI Medical Device (SaMD) to Diagnose Dementia by Conversational Voice – Confirms Clinical-Level Accuracy in Collaboration with Showa University, Enabling Diagnosis in Minutes Using a Smartphone.