2018.03.27 Release

ExaWizards, an AI start-up, has concluded a capital and business alliance with the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

〜Jointly developing AI-based financial services using rich data and
a solid customer base in the financial industry

ExaWizards Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director & President: Ko Ishiyama, hereafter “ExaWizards”) and Japan Digital Design, Inc. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director & CEO: Takashi Uehara, hereafter “JDD”), a subsidiary company of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Nobuyuki Hirano, hereafter “MUFG”), have agreed to conclude a business alliance to accelerate the development of services in the financial domain.

In concluding the alliance, MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Kanetsugu Mike, hereafter “MUFG Bank”) has invested in ExaWizards

三菱UFJフィナンシャル・グループ 株式会社エクサウィザーズ

ExaWizards has been working on the implementation of AI training as an education service to promote the use of AI, the widespread use of “HR-kun” as an HR Tech service to support HR operations, and the dissemination of “Humanitudeâ” as a dementia care technique, to solve various social issues such as the super-aging society.

JDD was established as a subsidiary company of MUFG in October 2017 to develop innovative user experiences and promote measures for reducing social costs. JDD has been working to provide a better life to people with new financial experience not bound by existing ideas in the financial industry but by actively collaborating with other industries, user-oriented design and agile development.

Overview of the service under the alliance

Through this capital and business alliance, we plan to examine the development of online finance related products and HR Tech services to support HR operations in the financial industry, with a view to providing services for local financial institutions and expanding to the global market. Also, we will develop the services using mutual strengths in addition to the services described above.

(1)Examination of the development of online finance related products

We are examining the establishment of a new credit model using deposit and withdrawal data and other appropriate data and the development of online finance related products, not bound by the conventional review model of financial institutions. By establishing a new credit model, we aim to provide quick, frictionless and better services.

(2) Examination of the development of HR Tech services

To prepare for the decline in the working population, internationalization and diversification of employees, we are examining the development of AI-based HR operation support services for recruitment, capacity development and other key factors for corporate competitiveness, to improve the performance of human resources within the company. We are developing HR Tech services specialized in financial operations, including a function in which AI learns the tacit knowledge and know-how of experts from videos and conveys it to all employees, by using technologies for image analysis, audio analysis, etc.

Profile of ExaWizards Inc.

Company name: ExaWizards Inc.

Address: 5F, Sumitomo Hamamatsucho Bldg., Hamamatsu-cho 1-18-16, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Founded: February 2016

Representative: Representative Director & President: Ko Ishiyama

Business: Development of AI-enabled services for industrial innovation and solving social problems

URL: https://exawizards.com/

Profile of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

Company name: Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.

Address: 7-1, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Founded: April 2001

Representative: President & CEO: Nobuyuki Hirano

Business: Management of its subsidiaries within the group and the business of the group as a whole, and all relevant ancillary business

URL: http://www.mufg.jp/