2018.02.14 Release

ExaWizards, an AI start-up, joins Fukuoka City’s “Dementia-Friendly City Project”

– Employing the dementia care technique, “Humanitude®” with
government, medical care facilities and local citizens through the efforts of “All Fukuoka”

ExaWizards Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director & President: Ko Ishiyama, hereafter “ExaWizards”), as a member of the “Dementia-Friendly City Project” implemented by Fukuoka City since FY 2018, is helping to create a society that prolongs healthy life expectancy envisioned by Fukuoka City through the provision of courses on “Humanitudeâ”, a dementia care technique, to hospital, care center and family caregivers, general citizens, students and public employees.

福岡市役所で開かれた記者会見の様子Photo of press conference held in Fukuoka City Hall (Director Sakane of ExaWizards is the second from left in the front row

The Dementia-Friendly Project

In anticipation of an era in which people commonly live to the age of 100, Fukuoka City has been promoting “Fukuoka 100”, a project to create a social model that prolongs healthy life expectancy while maintaining a balance between the happiness of each individual through a healthy mind and body and by living as desired, and a sustainable society, by the efforts of “All Fukuoka” involving industry, academia, government and citizens. As one of the “Fukuoka 100” projects, Fukuoka City has been working on the Dementia-Friendly City Project to ensure that dementia patients can live with peace of mind in a familiar area. Humanitudeâ is employed as one of the programs.

Cited from official website of Fukuoka City

About Humanitude®

Humanitudeâ, established by two French people majoring in sports science, Yves Gineste and Rosette Marescotti, in 1979, is a care technique based on comprehensive communication involving perception, emotion and language. The philosophy is based on the questions of “What is a caregiver?” and “What is a human?” and several hundred practical techniques based on this philosophy. Currently, the technique has been introduced in over 700 facilities in France and in 10 countries outside France including Japan, where it has been employed since 2012. In the demonstration experiment conducted in Fukuoka City last fiscal year, objective indicators showed that Humanitudeâ lessened the dementia behaviors and psychological symptoms of care recipients, such as refusing care and suddenly becoming angry, and also alleviated exhaustion and burnout among nurses, care specialists and families.

Roles (plan) of ExaWizards in this project

ExaWizards will develop and provide the following programs with Mr. Yves Gineste from SAS Humanitude (Head Office: French Republic, Statutory Agent: Yves Gineste) and Dr. Miwako Honda from Tokyo Medical Center, a National Hospital Organization:

  1. Training for hospitals and care facilities
  2. Courses for family caregivers
  3. Courses at community centers for citizens
  4. Programs for children and students
  5. Courses for public employees

Comment by ExaWizards Director Yutaka Sakane: “ExaWizards has been conducting demonstration researches on Humanitudeâ with Fukuoka City since FY 2016. As a result, the demonstration data has statistically confirmed that Humanitudeâ is effective not only for care recipients but also for caregivers. Through our collaboration with government, medical and care staff and local citizens, we are working with Fukuoka City to make many people understand and implement the philosophy and technique of Humanitude® to help create a social model that prolongs healthy life expectancy, which is a goal of the city.”

About ExaWizards

ExaWizards develops AI platforms, AI education services and so on, aiming to solve social issues such as the super-aging society. Also, ExaWizards, as the sole partner of SAS Humanitude in Japan, is working on disseminating the dementia care technique “Humanitudeâ” and developing “Coaching AI” for learning the technique, to help nurture human resources in the care industry. In November 2017, ExaWizards released the HR Tech service “HR-kun” to provide AI-based support covering from recruitment, capacity development and evaluation, up to placement in a company. ExaWizards has been planning and developing AI solutions in various industries including these services by utilizing its ideas and technological abilities.


Profile of ExaWizards Inc.

Company name: ExaWizards Inc.

Address: 5F, Sumitomo Hamamatsucho Bldg., Hamamatsu-cho 1-18-16, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Founded: February 2016

Representative: Representative Director & President: Ko Ishiyama

Business: Development of AI-enabled services for industrial innovation and solving social problems

URL: https://exawizards.com/