2017.11.06 Release

ExaWizards, an AI start-up, has launched HR Tech “HR-kun”, an HR support service which fully utilizes artificial intelligence

~Promoting work style reforms by capacity development using AI Coaching~

ExaWizards (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director & President: Ko Ishiyama, hereafter “ExaWizards”, URL: https://exawizards.com/), an AI start-up, has started providing HR Tech “HR-kun”, an HR support service that fully utilizes artificial intelligence, in turn from November 2017.

*HR Tech is a coined word meaning “HR (Human Resource) × Technology”. This is a method of conducting HR related operations such as recruitment, HR development, evaluation and placement by using the cloud or big data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) and other appropriate cutting-edge IT technologies.

Three characteristics of HR-kun beyond recruitment

With the shrinking working population and strong demand for work style reform, strategic HR operations using technology have become more important. The HR Tech service provided by ExaWizards, HR-kun, supports the operations of HR staff not only in recruitment but also capacity development (training), evaluation and placement, as key factors in corporate competitiveness, through the following three AI-enabled functions.

1. AI-based prediction of successful human resources in advance

This function covers all areas, from performance prediction after recruitment, transfer and appointment, as well as optimization of shift management, up to resignation prediction, by utilizing various data linked with employee IDs.

2. Support for training with AI Coaching

With this AI Coaching tool, AI learns the capacities of high-performers and experts from videos, and by sending a captured video, AI automatically provides feedback with corrections in red.

3. Mental Health × AI

This function supports AI-enabled work style reforms including stress checks and labor administration.

By simultaneously calculating feature amounts of HR related data and healthcare related data, this function predicts mental health conditions more accurately. This can then be used for preventive measures, recurrence prevention, support for returning to work, etc.

Future prospects

As robotic process automation (RPA), which promotes efficiency and automation in white-collar work using AI, etc., can perform operations to complement people and people will be able to try new operations, the areas requiring robotic process education (RPE) to acquire the ability to perform such operations will increase. ExaWizards has started the HR Tech “HR-kun” service, aiming to disseminate AI Coaching in those fields requiring RPE such as quality control in manufacturing industries, sales at the counters of banks and real estate agencies, customer service and retail sales. The services of HR-kun will advance by making AI accumulate know-how and disseminate it in the future.

ExaWizards is striving to help create an affluent future through business development related to artificial intelligence.

About ExaWizards Inc.

An AI start-up, ExaIntelligence was merged (management integration) with Digital Sensation, a start-up spun out of Shizuoka University, and changed the company’s name to ExaWizards on October 1, 2017. With the ideas and technologies and through AI platform development, AI education service and other appropriate services to accelerate the fields, ExaWizards aims to provide support for solving social issues. ExaWizards has been providing AI-based solution services for various fields such as the care, medical, healthcare, manufacturing, and staffing industries.

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1.Prediction of success (Example: sales at a counter): AI learns the features of high-performers.

2.AI Coaching (Example: golf): After a video is sent, AI provides instructions with corrections in red and presents scores.