• Makoto Haruta

    Director & Chairman Makoto Haruta
    LL.B. from Kyoto University. Former Managing Director and Chairman at DeNA Co., Ltd, one of the largest mobile and e-commerce companies in Japan. Led it during IPO and M&A of multiple companies including Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars, a baseball team. Founded ExaIntelligence Inc. (now known as Exa Wizards Inc.) in February 2016. Current position since November 2018.
  • Ko Ishiyama

    Representative Director & President Ko Ishiyama
    Visiting Professor, Shizuoka University, Visiting Associate Professor, Tokyo University. Former Director at Recruit Institute of Technology and Executive Manager of R&D at Recruit Holdings. Founded a big data startup that creates aggregation services in support of marketing professionals and sold it to Recruit Holdings, the parent company of Outside of work, he is an improvisational pianist and enjoys spending time with his wife,
  • Yutaka Sakane

    Director Yutaka Sakane
    Mr. Sakane has served as the CTO since Oct 2017 when Digital Sensation, the company he founded in 2004, merged with ExaIntelligence to form ExaWizards. At Digital Sensation, he served as CEO and Representative Director. Previously, he worked as an assistant at Shizuoka University’s School of Information Systems. Influenced by his father Mr. Sakane started programming at the age of three, and is a Humanitude instructor. He holds a master’s degree in information systems from Osaka University.
  • Makoto Aou

    Director Makoto Aou
    Mrs. Aou has been a board member of the company since Jun 2016. She was an Executive Officer in charge of new business development and marketing at Pasona Tech, the first female to get appointed as Executive Officer. In 2010, she founded an in-house venture capital firm of Pasona Tech, and had undertaken a number of projects including the establishment of a JV in Thailand and cloud sourcing service provider Job-Hub. Mrs. Aou was also responsible for partnership projects in industry, government and academia at Pasona Tech.
  • Toshikazu Furuya

    Director Fellow Toshikazu Furuya
    Mr. Furuya co-founded ExaIntelligence, a startup company specializing in AI technologies such as deep learning in Feb 2016. He manages numerous AI projects at a time, and contributes to the further adoption of AI in the service industry. Having founded several start-up companies, Mr. Furuya has a vast amount of entrepreneurial experience. He founded a data analytics company in Apr 2012 during his PhD, and developed a stock trading platform using machine learning. He also started a ICT-enabled caregiving business. He also worked on research that aimed to identify pulmonary nodules using Deep Learning and GroupLasso. Mr. Furuya was named as one of the 19 most outstanding data scientists of Japan by Diamond Weekly. He holds an MBA and PhD in information sciences from Kyoto University
  • Yoichi Takebayashi

    Outside Director Fellow Yoichi Takebayashi
    Mr. Takebayashi holds a PhD from Tohoku University. He started his career in 1980 by joining Tokyo Shibaura Electric (now known as Toshiba Corporation). During his time at MIT Media Lab, he worked closely with the famous AI research scholar Marvin Minsky. Following his career at Toshiba Research Center, he went on to teach at Shizuoka University in 2002. A year later in 2003, he co-founded Digital Sensation and was appointed Chairman of the Board. Since Oct 2017 following the merger, he has served under his current role. He is a tenured professor of creation science at Shizuoka University.
  • Tomohiro Tange

    Outside Director Tomohiro Tange
    Mr. Tange joined E&Y TAS in 2006. He was involved in valuation, restructuring, and structuring advice practices. Mr. Tange played an instrumental role in the planning of the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (“INCJ”) , with focus on investment strategy planning, new business investments, acquisition of overseas companies, carve-out transactions, venture capital investments, fund investments, as well as industrial and social problem solutions. He has a broad range of industry experience, including in robotics, AI, IOT, Big Data, industrial internet, and ICT healthcare. He holds a BS degree in corporate finance from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.
  • Yasushi Shingai

    Outside Director Yasushi Shingai
    Mr. Shingai started his career by joining Japan Tobacco Inc. (“JT”, Former Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation) in 1980. He became an acting project manager at New York office in 1989 and President of JT America Inc. in 1990. During six years as President, he undertook a number of joint research and development projects with pharmaceutical and bio-ventures in the U.S., and concurrently served as Outside Director at Cell Genesys,Inc., U.S. NASDAQ-listed biotechnology company. He got appointed as CFO of JT in 2005, Vice President of JT International in 2006 and Executive Vice President of JT in 2011. He served as External Board Director at Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.
  • Takumi Fujishiro

    Executive Director Takumi Fujishiro
    Mr. Fujishiro obtained his master’s degree in information sciences from Shizuoka University. He has experience developing system designs for domestic and overseas automobile manufacturers, openization (open source) of key systems, network structuring, data center operations management, and digitalized solutions. He joined Digital Sensation upon realizing IT is one of the best ways to optimize and simplify genba. In Oct 2014, he was appointed to head the Huminatude business. Since Mar 2017, he has served as CIO and Director.
  • Taichiro Endo

    Executive Director Taichiro Endo
    Mr. Endo obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer sciences from the University of Aizu. During his studies at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, he started his own company that provided AI-enabled services. He worked on numerous projects with different AI applications, such as implementation, thesis research, system designs, business consulting and education. After gaining extensive experience with AI, Mr. Endo joined ExaIntelligence. He has served in his current role since Oct 2017. Mr. Endo also serves as a research member at RIKEN’s Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, Visiting Associate Professor of Tokyo Gakugei University, and Senior Researcher, WG leader of Education with AI, Learning of Tomorrow
  • Yutaka Asatani

    Executive Director Yutaka Asatani
    Mr. Asatani holds a master’s degree from Osaka University. A self-taught AI professional, Mr. Asatani worked on numerous projects that made use of Deep Learning, such as musculoskeletal modeling, DNA analysis, video analysis, and robot control. In Dec 2015, he founded Artificial Intelligence Research (“AIR”) and to this day, serves in its leadership. During his studies at Osaka University in Jun 2016, he joined ExaIntelligence (now known as ExaWizards) and was appointed CTO. He has served in his current role since Oct 2017.