• Ko Ishiyama
    • Representative Director & PresidentKo Ishiyama

      Visiting Professor, Shizuoka University, Visiting Associate Professor, Tokyo University. Former Director at Recruit Institute of Technology and Executive Manager of R&D at Recruit Holdings. Founded a big data startup that creates aggregation services in support of marketing professionals and sold it to Recruit Holdings, the parent company of Outside of work, he is an improvisational pianist and enjoys spending time with his wife.

      President’s Message

    • Makoto Haruta
    • Director & ChairmanMakoto Haruta

      LL.B. from Kyoto University. Former Managing Director and Chairman at DeNA Co., Ltd, one of the largest mobile and e-commerce companies in Japan. Led it during IPO and M&A of multiple companies including Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars, a baseball team. Founded ExaIntelligence Inc. (now known as Exa Wizards Inc.) in February 2016. Current position since November 2018.

      Chairman’s Message

    • Yutaka Sakane
    • DirectorYutaka Sakane
      Mr. Sakane has served as the CTO since Oct 2017 when Digital Sensation, the company he founded in 2004, merged with ExaIntelligence to form ExaWizards. At Digital Sensation, he served as CEO and Representative Director. Previously, he worked as an assistant at Shizuoka University’s School of Information Systems. Influenced by his father Mr. Sakane started programming at the age of three, and is a Humanitude instructor. He holds a master’s degree in information systems from Osaka University.
    • Tomohiro Tange
    • Outside DirectorTomohiro Tange
      Mr. Tange joined E&Y TAS in 2006. He was involved in valuation, restructuring, and structuring advice practices. Mr. Tange played an instrumental role in the planning of the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (“INCJ”) , with focus on investment strategy planning, new business investments, acquisition of overseas companies, carve-out transactions, venture capital investments, fund investments, as well as industrial and social problem solutions. He has a broad range of industry experience, including in robotics, AI, IOT, Big Data, industrial internet, and ICT healthcare. He holds a BS degree in corporate finance from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.
    • Yasushi Shingai
    • Outside DirectorYasushi Shingai
      Mr. Shingai started his career by joining Japan Tobacco Inc. (“JT”, Former Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation) in 1980. He became an acting project manager at New York office in 1989 and President of JT America Inc. in 1990. During six years as President, he undertook a number of joint research and development projects with pharmaceutical and bio-ventures in the U.S., and concurrently served as External Board Director at Cell Genesys,Inc., U.S. NASDAQ-listed biotechnology company. He got appointed as CFO of JT in 2005, Vice President of JT International in 2006 and Executive Vice President of JT in 2011. He currently serves as External Board Director at Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc., Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc. and Open8 Inc.
    • Toshihiko Hiura
    • Outside DirectorToshihiko Hiura

      Graduated from College of Arts and Science, The University of Tokyo, and completed the Harvard Business School MBA Program. In April 1983, he joined the Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. (currently Mizuho Bank, Ltd.). After leaving his job at the bank, he joined Bain & Company in February 1986. Since then, he has been engaging in management consulting for Japanese, American, and European companies in various fields for over 30 years. He was appointed as the Head Partner of Bain & Company’s Tokyo office in January 2008 and as the Chairman in April 2014.

      He also serves as the Advisory Partner for Bain & Company Tokyo and as the Outside Director for ARUHI Corporation.

    • Takuma Oue
    • Executive OfficerTakuma Oue

      He joined Boston Consulting Group in 2013. After working on a number of projects including business growth strategy, corporate transformation, DX promotion, and new business launch, he joined ExaWizards in 2018. Since April 2019, as an executive officer of AI business, he has been in charge of several hundred DX/AI implementation projects (open innovation for large companies and startups) and service development. Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University. Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University (Research in AI and Data Science).

    • Satoshi Ishino
    • Executive OfficerSatoshi Ishino

      Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Keio University, where he belonged to the Water Polo Team. He joined P&G Japan in April 2008, and worked on marketing electric toothbrushes in the Japanese market. He was relocated to P&G Singapore in April 2009, where he led multiple hair care brands and engaged in portfolio management in the Asian market. In July 2012, he led customer marketing with a major Japanese retail company at P&G Japan. He then joined McKinsey & Company in April 2014, and was appointed as an associate partner in 2018. He worked on growth strategies, new business development, organizational reform, and cost reduction of a Japanese consumer goods manufacturer; overseas strategies and asset management of a major trading company; and redevelopment of the industrial value chain with a Japanese financial institution. Such experiences gave him the desire to contribute to Japan’s new growth, which led him to join Exawizards in January 2019. He was appointed as an executive officer (executive secretary, corporate general manager) in April 2019.

    • Sachiyo Yasuda
    • Executive OfficerSachiyo Yasuda

      Ms.Yasuda joined Recruit Co., Ltd. in 1992. Starting as a media salesperson for the employment information magazine “B-ing” a medium for people wanting to change jobs, she engaged in various sales activities and projects related to hiring new graduates, mid-career recruitment, and organizational revitalization for companies. In 2014, she was appointed as an executive officer at Recruit Career Co., Ltd., becoming the only female executive for sales at the company. She was engaged in two projects of the new graduate recruiting service and the “Work in Japan” project to introduce highly skilled university students from around the world, mainly from top universities in Asia, to Japanese companies. In May 2019, she joined ExaWizards Inc. and took the current position. She was a board member of the Japan Executive Search and Recruitment Association and engaged in diversity management support activities at the nonprofit organization J-Win.

    • Nobuyuki Matsushita
    • Executive OfficerNobuyuki Matsushita

      After graduating from Keio University with a Masters degree from the School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems, Mr. Matsushita starts working for Sony in 1998. There, he dedicated himself to the development, research and strategic marketing for Cybershot・Xperia. In 2015, he experiences how business launches are executed at a startup company. A year later, he becomes CTO of Trial Holdings ,Inc. where he directed the digital transformation of stores with AI cameras while also establishing AI Centers in Japan and China. Three years later, he becomes the director of Retail AI, Inc. In July, 2019, Mr. Matsushita joins Exawizards and becomes an Executive Officer in October, 2019. At Exawizards, he is dedicating himself to developing and implementing a system which improves people’s lives with the installation of mobile devices and cameras. He also became a specially appointed professor at Rikkyo University Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence and Science in April, 2020.