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  • ExaWizards obtained a Patent for AI-based Exercise Video Analysis Technology ~AI converts users' skeletal information into feature values, enabling quantitative evaluation of exercise from a professional's point of view~

ExaWizards obtained a Patent for AI-based Exercise Video Analysis Technology ~AI converts users’ skeletal information into feature values, enabling quantitative evaluation of exercise from a professional’s point of view~

ExaWizards Inc., a company that develops AI-enabled services to solve social issues (Headquarters:Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President: Ko Ishiyama; hereafter, “ExaWizards”) announces that it obtained a a Patent for AI-based Exercise Video Analysis Technology.

The patented AI-based video analysis technology is ExaWizards’ proprietary technology that extracts the user’s skeletal information, stratifies the forward bending movement, and determines the degree of back bending during forward bending. This technology can automatically perform a qualitative evaluation of the user’s posture during exercise, as a human trainer would do, rather than a quantitative evaluation such as the speed or number of times the user exercises.

This technology enables automatic quantitative evaluation by incorporating the “ideal exercise” evaluation criteria of professional trainers into an algorithm that can be implemented using machine learning technology (Pose Estimation). This is what differentiates this technology from other video analysis technologies.

☑︎ Outline of the Technology

This patent is a technology for approximate evaluation of back motion during forward bending, which is important in exercise and rehabilitation movements, by using the positional relationship of skeletal coordinates that can be obtained by Pose Estimation.
Specifically, among the 17 skeletal coordinates that can be obtained by Pose Estimation, the shoulder and hip coordinate points that are related to “back movement” are used to measure the ratio of the distance between the two points during upright and forward bending movements, which enables quantitative evaluation of back movement during forward bending.

In addition, by calculating the time rate of change of the distance from the trunk in the upright position to the shoulder during the forward bending movement, it is possible to automatically divide each motion range of forward bending ((1) during forward bending, (2) maintaining forward bending posture, (3) getting up).

Conventional action recognition by Pose Estimation often inputs skeletal coordinate information as it is as a feature quantity for prediction and classification, and the low readability of the prediction results has been a problem.
In this patent, the skeletal coordinates are converted into feature values that are easy for humans to interpret, such as the distance of the region of interest. This makes the skeletal coordinates extracted by Pose Estimation meaningful information for humans, which can be easily utilized by trainers in the field during actual movement guidance.

☑︎ Assumed Use Cases 

This unique video analysis technology is expected to be used in various scenes in the sports and exercise industry, as well as in the medical, nursing, and healthcare fields. (2) Motion analysis in sports, and (3) Gait analysis of patients in medical and nursing care facilities. In addition to this video analysis technology, ExaWizards can develop and provide original services by developing video analysis technology in response to clients’ unique data.

☑︎Patent Overview
・Patent number: 7169718
・Registration Date: November 2, 2022
・Patentee: ExaWizards

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ExaWizards is focused on promoting open innovation in collaboration with external partners by actively building and leveraging our patent portfolio. AI models, algorithms, software, UI, know-how, patents, and other assets generated from past projects are accumulated as our assets and used to create new projects with external partners. In particular, projects that utilize our proprietary patented technologies provide high added value unique to our company and are highly evaluated by our partners.
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