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  • ExaWizards Acquires a Patent for Anomaly Detection Technology Combining AI and Optics -AI that detects foreign matter contamination or state changes not detectable with the human eye by recognizing the test object and optimizes the wavelengths of lights applied to it-

ExaWizards Acquires a Patent for Anomaly Detection Technology Combining AI and Optics -AI that detects foreign matter contamination or state changes not detectable with the human eye by recognizing the test object and optimizes the wavelengths of lights applied to it-

ExaWizards Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President: Makoto Haruta; hereafter, “ExaWizards”), announces that it acquired a patent for the anomaly detection technology that combines AI and optics. In addition to detecting defective products, this technology makes it possible to detect anomalies which are not detectable with the human eye such as invisible foreign matter contamination and internally bruised fruit/vegetable.

☑︎︎Background to Development and Technical Overview
Along with the popularization of AI, we have seen dramatic progress in visual inspection technology. AI is utilized for “Anomaly Detection,” the identification of anomalies in the test object, “Object Detection,” the identification of a certain object, and “Classification,” the categorization of the test object based on its properties. AI is mainly used as just a replacement for the human eye in visual inspections, however there is a growing need for the detection of such anomalies and state changes as are not detectable with the human eye, for the purpose of which this technology was developed.

The technology combining AI and optics for which ExaWizards acquired a patent this time makes it possible to detect anomalies by optimizing the reactions of lights with different properties including infrared rays, near infrared rays, and ultraviolet rays simultaneously applied to the test object as well as the wavelengths of these lights.

ExaWizards applied for this patent on the system it had developed for a test. ExaWizards will fully utilize this patent technology as well as the other technologies it has accumulated to develop optimal detection/classification systems which meet customer needs going forward.

☑︎Possible Use Cases
・Detect foreign matter contamination invisible to the human eye such as moving objects in the production process, and contaminants whose color is transparent, or the same as that of the product.
・Detect the defects of a product or an artifact which are not detectable with the human eye since the defective part is very small, or has no big difference from the normal part such as lifting paint and spalling concrete.
・Detect anomalies with little variation in appearance in the environment where there are a large amount of test objects such as identifying damaged fruit/vegetable and overripe fruit in a supermarket or a storge.
・ Detect anomalies in the environment where the camera picks up an object other than test objects such as farm plants/fruit with pests or diseases.

☑︎︎Anomaly Detection Process
A system with this technology is expected to detect anomalies taking the following steps.

  1. AI learns the features of the test object.
  2. Shoot the reflections of lights in various wavelength ranges such as infrared rays and ultraviolet rays to create color images.
  3. AI infers and recognizes the type and position of the test object from the color images.
  4. AI selects the appropriate combination of wavelength data to identify the details of an anomaly.
    (Examples of data used: Near infrared rays for the detection of damaged fruit or vegetable, and the difference between near infrared and infrared spectra for the detection of the activation level of a plant)

Chart:The sample images created by a system with this patent technology.
The visualization and detection of anomalies invisible to the human eye.

☑︎Overview of Patent
・Patent Number: 7223194
・Date of Registration: February 7, 2023
・Patentee: ExaWizards Inc.
・Title of Invention: Information Processing Method, Computer Program, Information Processing Device and Information Processing System

Also, ExaWizards acquired a patent for the utilization of annotation to add tags to the test object by type and material using a similar system to this patent (Patent Number:7225458). Quick and accurate annotation can be realized without an operator having technical knowledge, which leads to a cost reduction.
For further information about the patent technologies owned by ExaWizards: https://exawizards.com/intellectual-property

☑︎About ExaWizards
ExaWizards has been developing businesses such as the development and implementation of services leveraging AI as well as strategy planning to consistently address social issues since the establishment in 2016. They accumulate their unique algorithms data through their two business segments: “AI Platform Business” that provides solutions to departmental/company-wide issues while handling more than 250 AI/DX-related projects on an annual basis, and “AI Product Business” that develops products to offer solutions to industry-common or social issues identified through the implementation of “AI Platform Business.” Their cumulative numbers of patent applications and acquisitions are 196 and 95 (as of the end of March 2023), respectively. The company also owns advanced technologies in the hardware area such as robots and AI cameras.

【Company profile of ExaWizards, Inc.】
Company name: ExaWizards Corporation
Location: 21F, Shiodome Sumitomo Building, 1-9-2 Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Makoto Haruta, President and Representative Director
Business: Industrial innovation and resolution of social issues through the development of services utilizing AI
URL: https://exawizards.com/

<Contact for public relations>
E-mail address of the Public Relations Division of ExaWizards Inc.: publicrelations@exwzd.com