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  • Content Cloud Box and "exaBase Generative AI" Begin Collaboration
    Easily Interact with Generative AI and Generate Information Using Your Company's Data Stored In the Cloud. Expanding The Number of Target Customers by Linking With Box, Which is Used by 16,000 Japanese Companies

Content Cloud Box and “exaBase Generative AI” Begin Collaboration
Easily Interact with Generative AI and Generate Information Using Your Company’s Data Stored In the Cloud. Expanding The Number of Target Customers by Linking With Box, Which is Used by 16,000 Japanese Companies

Exa Enterprise AI Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Takuma Oue, hereinafter “Exa Enterprise AI”), a group company of Exa Wizards, Inc. is pleased to announce the start of integration between its corporate ChatGPT service, exaBase Generative AI powered by GPT-4, and the content cloud Box. exaBase Generative AI can generate unique and useful dialogue and information by utilizing company files stored in Box. This collaboration has been registered as an “Ecosystem Solution” by Box.

Exa Enterprise AI aims to achieve a society where people can unlock their potential and face new challenges by providing generative AI services and products to improve productivity.

Since launching its paid service in June 2023, exaBase Generative AI has impressed customers with its high security, extensive management functions, and regular updates. The service has been adopted by large companies and has over 40,000 users as of January of this year.
Headquartered in California, Box is a leading provider of cloud services that securely manage corporate content. Box supports over 115,000 customers globally, including 67% of the Fortune 500. In Japan, Box serves approximately 16,000 customers, including 72% of the Nikkei 225. The ExaWizards Group has decided to collaborate with Box to deliver generative AI services to a wider range of companies in the future.

☑︎AI’s Possibilities with Box
exaBase Generative AI provides a data linkage function that allows administrators to upload their own files for use within a company and generate output based on the contents of those files. The following achievements will be possible through this linkage with Box.
(Please note that exaBase Generative AI data linkages require an application on a company-by-company basis at no additional cost. The Box linkage will be available starting March 2024.)

(1) Files on Box are used for generative data linkage
Through this linkage, data stored in Box will be imported into exaBase Generative AI to allow dialogue and information generation by our Generative AI. For more information on the data linkage function of exaBase Generative AI, please refer to the following website.

(2) Linking information access rights
Box provides secure and flexible management, such as by granting access rights to folders and files by department or user. exaBase Generative AI supports these settings in Box, and only files and folders with the correct permissions are imported and made available to the generative AI.

(3) Support from generative AI introduction to data integration with Box
The ExaWizards Group has partnered with several companies to support the introduction, utilization, and operation of exaBase Generative AI at companies. We are also planning to collaborate with NS Solutions Corp. and other companies that have strengths in the development and operation of enterprise systems. From the introduction of exaBase Generative AI to the use of Box, we plan to support the construction of a secure environment by utilizing the functions of exaBase Studio.

The ExaWizards Group has obtained the ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001) for information security management systems, ISMS-CLS (ISO/IEC 27017) for cloud service security, and ISMS-PIMS (ISO/IEC 27701) for privacy information management systems.

☑︎Endorsed by Katsunori Furuichi, President and CEO of Box Japan, Inc.
We welcome the collaboration between Box and exaBase Generative AI, a service that improves the productivity of companies and governments. The functionality provided by this collaboration will make it possible to utilize company data on Box with generative AI. We look forward to providing improved convenience across a range of industries, large corporations, small and mid-size companies, and local governments. We would like to continue collaborations between Content Cloud and generative AI to increase labor productivity globally, and we look forward to working with both companies in the future.

【Exa Enterprise AI Corporate Profile】
Company Name: Exa Enterprise AI Inc.
Location: 1-9-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Shiodome Sumitomo Building 21F
Established: October 2023
Representative: Takuma Oue, Representative Director
Business: Planning, development, and sales of products and services for business reform and productivity improvement using AI technologies.
URL: https://exawizards.com/eai/

<Contact for public relations>
E-mail address of the Public Relations Division of ExaWizards Inc.: publicrelations@exwzd.com