Business Lineup


Two business entities to realize the mission of using AI to solve social issues.

1. AI Platform Business

We conduct more than 250 AI/DX projects a year based on our AI platform exaBase to solve our clients' management issues. We offer a one-stop service for AI understanding, planning, design, development, operation, and usage. By combining a full range of assets related to AI/DX, such as ready-to-use SaaS AI applications, AI algorithms and APIs, and MLOps, we can respond to a wide range of needs, from quick AI implementation to joint service development. In addition, we provide a one-stop service to support the development of DX human resources and organizations, and through the operation of the largest community of AI/DX promotion leaders in Japan, we also support the in-house production of AI use and DX promotion in clients’ companies. We promote AI implementation in society while helping to solve company-wide issues and maximize customer value.

2.AI Product Business

We are developing and providing AI products to solve generic industrial and social issues that we have identified in the process of our AI platform business , in order to solve various social issues, such as the super-aging society. In the area of nursing care and medical care, which are directly related to social issues, we provide the following product: "CareWiz Toruto", an application that uses AI to analyze the risk of falling based on 5m walking videos. The data accumulated through the widespread deployment of these products is not only used to improve their performance, but is also returned to expand solutions for individual company issues in the AI platform business.