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Industries / Telecommunication

In the telecom industry, both the government and emerging players with asset-light models are putting pressure on the telecom industry to reduce prices, and major carriers are introducing low-priced brands, which, combined with MNP/the abolition of transfer fees and other measures, has led to a sudden increase in customer mobility. This has led to a shift from carrier-oriented competition to customer-oriented competition that focuses on the quality of the customer experience.

At the same time, telecom carriers continue to invest heavily in 5G, and the burden of 5G development is expected to reach several trillion yen in the future.

While the penetration of 5G in B2C is being further promoted, B2B is moving from the experimental stage to the stage of increasing the number of use cases for implementation, and is first of all implementing 5G to improve its own operations.

Point Of View

ExaWizards of point of view

ExaWizards supports early technology implementation in the telecommunications industry, which has the potential to be one of the first to implement advanced telecommunications technologies in its business. In particular, we aim to implement technologies and solve social issues in the telecom field from the following three perspectives:

(1) Accelerate R&D by using AI for future simulations, such as optimization of resource management and control in a virtualized environment for future network and base station functions.

(2) Improve UX by implementing DX and AI at customer contact points, such as improving online channels, automating contact centers, optimizing pricing for each individual, and recommending personalized proposals.

(3) Accelerate new business development for B2B based on the use cases of 5G x AI in our own operations.

Use Cases

Case study

  • New telecom businesses

    Case 1: When a telecom operator launched a new tourism company using the technology and assets accumulated in its existing business, we examined the possibility of creating a service in the context of AI x XR as one of its service menus.
    Case 2: We created a prototype of a VR space for a local temple and shrine, and proceeded to develop the service while getting feedback from users.